Monday, August 23, 2010

Silly is Happening Around Here!

Some silly things we do,
Lately at my house,
things have been in a bit of disaray,
that's okay because I have had quite a bit of company
this summer,
But some things have made me say hmmmmmm!
Like hidden muffin wrappers in my drawer in the computer room.
I even think I know which young growing adult did that,
but why, I would have said it is okay,
have it, but don't hide the paper.
Making a hotdog with cheese,
but forgetting to take off the wrapper before putting it in the microwave.
.Apparently it did not taste so great.
Almost throwing out the mail with the recyclables.
Luckily I had realized no mail or flyers had come in,
but that is what you get when you get someone to help you clean
when he would rather be at the basketball hoop
doing what he loves the most.
Rushing to the early ball game to find out you don't play until late.
Same week missing another game,
and saying your wife did not mark it on the calendar,
I wonder if I ate his homework too.
Installing a new barbecue burner
and saying to the wife, these must be extra parts,
Me saying to hubby, well you can just look for the extra parts
after the barbecue explodes.
He said I am a drama queen,
I then broke into song singing,
We've been blown , blown, way up high,
because my hubby won't try to use all the parts.
We both started laughing,
Another silly thing,
I went into the  house while he lit the propane tank.
Luckily he arrived a few moments later,
or I may of had to cook supper myself.
ok that was a funny one.
So any strange things happen at your house lately.
I would love to hear about them.
Have a great day,
and I hope you find time to laugh.


  1. your little song at the end...funny little snippets of life...glad you are laughing and sharing them together...smiles.

  2. You are something else my friend, still smiling about the BBQ. Hope you are having a great day
    ......:-) Hugs

  3. Nothing silly around yours!!

  4. i'm so glad you were not blown away. :) in this case anyway.

    i spent most of today getting my tooth fixed.

  5. The only strange thing around my house lately, sad to say, is me, Cinner!
    Love you!

  6. You have a good way of showing we can find humor in all the everyday happenings. I like the way you stand up for yourself when "the wife didn't write the game on the calendar".

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  8. always silly things happening in my corner of the world... the list is too long to share ;)

    another lovely post Cinner x


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