Thursday, March 5, 2015

r u still there?

Hello from my neck of the woods.
Where has the last six months gone.?
A busy time for someone whom has a Sleep
Disorder. Only so many hours in the day.
I try to make the most of them.
I am waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive
so I can get out in my yard.
I am even going to plant a garden this year.
Just have to figure out what and where.
So what have I been doing?
Started painting again.
Did this one at a Paint Night
 which was a lot of fun.
So I have been busy painting and really having fun with it again.
Other than that when it was really cold here
I got addicted to Shomi,
watched lots of movies and Sons of Anarchy.
Talk about becoming a couch potato.
I also watched the season of Transparency
and would recommend it to anyone.
Very nicely done!
2015 has brought a new year of
focus on loving one another,not sweating the small stuff.
and focusing on how truly blessed we are.
I hope this finds you all happy and healthy,
know that I have missed everyone and that you have been thought about often.
Have your very best day,


  1. Your painting rocks, Cindy! I'd love to see "Sons of Anarchy" too sometime. And Spring will be here soon -- maybe a month or so?

  2. I am still here, Cindy! I am more on Facebook now since I am all caught up in working full time with essential oils but I still subscribe to your blog and am always glad to see you! Sending you much love and many blessings...with illness there are always seasons aren't there. I too continue to struggle with various health issues, especially with trying to work and take care of myself as well! xoO

  3. hey i am still here...smiles...
    i am doing good...about to finish grad school....teaching at the high school...coaching oldest was in the middle school play is your painting above...

  4. Hello love still here too. Love you girl "hey" and so happy to see you here as well as Facebook - <3
    Love Gail

  5. Hi , good to see you back ..
    I am still around
    Love your painting


  6. Hey great to see you again. The winter was tough and extremely cold but we're back into almost spring again. Let me know if you're on facebook. I'm there more than on my blog. Great to reconnect with you. Have an amazing Thursday out there. hugs.


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