Thursday, February 19, 2009

glasses and more glasses part 2

stephen was a little fellow about 6 or 7. An eye exam was done and he needed new glasses so i went to help him pick out a pair. he tried one pair on ...yes these were what he wanted, i told him let's try a few more....the second pair....yes these were what he wanted. same with the third. I thought he does not care how they look, so i said stephen let's get your buddies to come over and see what they think....So finally we had picked a pair....He was to come back in an hour to get his new glasses. He came in and picked up his glasses which were fitted for him...yes he could see much better. he was given a case and told how to take care of them...we proceeded to finish with the rest of the kids. As stephen was leaving i said stephen why are'nt you wearing your glasses. He looked up at me with big brown eyes and said....oh no i can't wear them in case I LOSE THEM. ....I will never forget him....I just wanted to give him a hug and if anyone out there has old glasses please donate them to the vision programs. That little boy was special and a year later when the next class came in I asked about stephen and the teacher said, oh yes he wore his glasses and was able to see the blackboard and had passed into the next grade. So I guess he got over the thought of losing them. I think of him often at what one little thing can make all the it a pair of glasses, a smile, or a kind word....


  1. How amazing a simple pair of glasses can make someone's life better.
    Many had forgotten it and work hard for more money hoping to live a more luxury life but end up missinf all the important moment.
    Of course, not everyone...

  2. true loong, some people get it and some don't. thank god for the ones that do. take care. thanks for visiting my blog. i look forward to your comments.

  3. What a wonderful story. It makes you think about all the things our children have and take for granted, doesn't it? I give my old glasses back to the opticians and they pass them on to a similar operation.

  4. thats wonderful...they are really needed. i envy you living in Ireland...It's a place I wish to travel to one day. take care


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