Thursday, February 12, 2009

lots happening

Well I had quite the day today. i had a cstomer service rep ask today if I was a Senior., now my loving younger sister thought this was a blast. the last time I got questioned about my age was going into a bar when I was underage. Now I have to say I DO NOT LOOK A DAY OVER 45!!!!!!!!!!After I got over the shock of being asked, we put on some music from our past,cranked the stereo and i about threw out a hip!!!!lol!!! We went to a couple of goodwill stores. I bought a fab picture for 6.00 and just enjpyed my outing. Tonight we watched American Idol....ny 2 newphews, my sister and I......What I did wrong today is get off my schedule. I have a condition called Cataplexy which is one of the symptoms if Narcolepsy. It is rare disorder and because I have it severly I have to stick to a schedule. cataplexy is triggered by certain emotions and causes loss of muscle control, Mine is usually triggered by medications help somewhat, The more tired I get the more episodes I can have. I can be lots of fun at a party!!!!!LOL....although I usually am asleep. i will tell you more about this one day...take care . I hope your day was a great one.


  1. You're delightful :-)

    best wishes

  2. thanks ribbon,that's very nice to say.take care :-)

  3. OMG!!! A Senior!!??!! WILL always be older than me. ;o)


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