Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well true to form, here is another one of my photos and alas not one but many power lines. I told you this happens to me often. I saved it though as I thought the rainbow was beautiful. There usually always is a rainbow after a storm.
That is how I am feeling now as if many of us are being caught in a storm. I am talking about job losses and bankruptcies.Oh yes the government has a plan, but why does it alwasy seem much too late. Tell that to the people waiting for their unemployment claims to be approved. My family is not in this situation...but when I became ill, I had a two year battle on my hands with an insurance company. Most companies only cover 25 different illnesses. So instead of being able to concentrate on getting healthy and dealing with the changes in myself, I had to fight for my rights. After an excruciating ordeal it was settled. What makes me so angry is that most of us, I believe are about 2 paychecks away from what could be life altering events. People need help now, not in two weeks but immediately. Why do people at the top seem to be taken care of, with their huge buyouts. What about the people that need a meal, or shelter. The more I listen to the news the more upset I get. I try to stay positive, I continue to pray, and somedays I relax enough to keep the troubles away. I will do what I can to help others through this hard time and I pray for strength to be kind to others in need. I also hope our government can set aside the parties differences to do the best for the people right now. I have to move on to pleasant thoughts so I can sleep tonight. I am overtired, that's when i feel the saddest, not for me but others.


  1. I try to listen to a limited amount of news ... bec. like u I find it depressing and "energy sucking". I LOVE the rainbow ... thanks for sharing the pic ... it shines brighter than the power lines : )

    Hugs, Ada | Interior Decorator for the STAR in You

  2. You can't have rainbows without the storm. So, let's love each other enough so that we can weather it...and see your rainbow when it's completed.

  3. Love the rainbow and I agree with the above comment!! Anyway, I am sick of everything the government is doing. Sick that we can't seem to get things done properly!!! After my father fell last May he was in a hospital here in our state but because he had just moved here and didn't switch over his health insurance he was forced to go to a rehab center in the state they moved from, 1 hour away. How awful. Unfortunately for us he passed away before ever receiving any rehab, but still the drive was hard on us!!! Great post!

  4. To Walking on sunshine....I am sorry to hear of your fathers passing. I would have been a struggle and a hardship for him and your family. Just the idea of it is wrong isn't it.Our health care is much better here, just not too sure for how long. They have all these new facilities but no doctors or nurses to put in them....Things that make you go hmm. So we all love rainbows and as Holly said 'You can't have rainbows without the storm.'' For some reason that brought a smile to my face and I felt she is so right/ We will get through everything, we just have to weather the storm! So I thankyou lovely ladies for loving rainbows and getting me back on track. Ada thanks for appreciating my power lines. lol Also Ada I have not been able to access your blog the last few days, I will try later/ Thankyou so much for your comments and your kindness. take care


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