Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Neighborhoods

Well one thing can be said about living in an older area of the city, and that is the beautiful overhanging trees. During any season they are absolutely gorgeous, and of course if you have
trees you will also have birds. There is nothing I like better than sitting outside listening to the chirping of chickadees in the winter.In the summer I have my regular group of bluejays that have returned every year for about 5 years now.
God forbid if I have not left out any peanuts for them, they are sure to alert me at 4 am....I have to get up or the neighbors are sure to kill me. They are insistant until I put the peanuts out. One time when my husband and I arrived home there were about 300 bluejays in the trees out front of our home. That is the only time I have ever seen them in a flock like that. Usually it is just my group of 4, 3 of which are lovely and the other looks quite sickly but continues to arrive every year. Sorry I was talking about the trees , but got sidetracked. In the fall we must collect about 30 huge bags of leaves, This sure beats the alternative of not having any, for me anyway. Also in an older neighborhood I believe you get to know your neighbors more, but then again it depends on the individual. Well I await the budding of the new growth that hopefully will come soon. That's all for today.


  1. Our jays are the bossiest things ever...I wrote a blog called The Tale of Cheeky B. Look for it and get a laugh when the jay and Cheeky B go head to head over peanuts.

  2. Thanks Holly, I will....yeah they can be a bossy bunch thats for sure.


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