Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is There Ever Too Much Bling

So heres the deal. I have a passion for bling, anything shiny. I am like a crow that wonders upon a shiny item and picks them up, in my case buying them. I must have about 40 pins.Some have been presents, some I have bought. When I look at them all together I realize I have a thing for bugs.....dragonflies, bees, ladybugs. Then you add a bunch of frogs, some cameos, some flowers and lets face it, just some tacky,tacky pins. What was I thinking? The next question is Where can I wear them....I no longer work,,,,they don't really fit my jean and tsirt lifestyle. The funny thing is I used to wear these pins, usually with a scarve and a business suit...Now think of this a scarf wrapped about someone whom does not have a neck .I kid you not, if I ever say keep your chin up, you need to know I am keeping 3 up. So with a scarf wrapped upon this lack of neck and then yes, I would just add a big ole pin right in the centre of the scarf....I thought I was a vision of lovliness.But that was nothing...when the bedazzler became a must have, I was there like white on rice. In hindsight I also had one of the most tackiest jean jackets walking the face of the earth. Oh I had a step in my walk where I really thought that I was all that and a bag of chips, and did you know you can use every jem that comes with a bedazzler on one jean jacket. I feel like I am having flashbacks of the sixtys....but I was only three, so maybe it was the seventys or eightys.Anyway tacky or not I am keeping the pins, the jean jacket is long gone...(Isn't that a shame!)Just know if you ever see a crow fly overhead with something could have been mine. LOL. Have a great day!


  1. Sista!
    I am right there with you. If it's sparkly I'm all about it. So, we were crows in our last life with an eye for the sparkle in this one. I have a suggestion...Get a great frame, but some fabric in it and display all those pins on it! It will be bee-You-tiful! And, it will bring you joy when you see it.

  2. OH OH OH! OH! OH OH! OH OH OH!!! (gawd, where is my OFF button) OHOHOH anyway yea right on groovy ALL THE WAY with pins. I have oodles, I wear them with my scarves (which subject could launch another spew of OHOHOHs) or on my hats (OHOH again!) ... ohoh I don't often 'meet' other Pin Aficionados, forgive me, but I'm quite excited! OH!

  3. and OH! by the way (yea, I'm back) ... think about these options for pins:
    a) cloth headbands (or the smaller scarves, tied into your hair like headbands), as an accent just above one ear;
    b) if you have some o'the lighter-weight flip flops, you can put pins through the straps and decorate 'em like that
    c) linen napkin clasps -- wrap a piece o'muslin around the napkin and pin it
    d) put them in a clear crystal bowl on a tabletop that sits in the sun and watch the shimmer
    e) hang favorites from fishing line tied to a curtain rod for window sparkle

    I'm guilty of all of the above, yes indeed!

  4. love the post...good way to start the day.

    I am particularly flashing back on a leopard pin the you ADORED...on everything. ROFL

  5. You guys are hilarious, Toni and Holly, i am so glad I am not alone. Thanks for the great ideas...I know I will try some...much to the disdain of J.S. whom I love anyway. I too am ROFL.


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