Monday, April 6, 2009


Check out this little fellow waiting to catch this farm cat. He knows he has to sit and wait for that cat to come to him. How does he know this?He watched two ladies try to catch some of the kittens, the two ladies being his Mom and I. Of course we could get them for him, after all we can do anything in his eyes....Not anymore! he told us we were crazy and had done nothing but scare them. Talk about ungrateful...the energy it took even trying, well one day he will appreciate us more. So here he sat for a couple of days to get his cat. It was actually very inspiring to see him so determined to reach his goal. Finally the cat did come and they were great friends for the rest of the visit. I think sometimes we forget to be patient and have faith that all good things shall come to us. For the little boy, it was his cat. For myself it is to live within my restrictions. If everything in life were really would not be living. Sometimes hardships are blessings....we just have to see things from all angles. Through the eyes of a child, it is very simple. It beats the alternative. Have a great day.


  1. Cinner, Cinner, Cinner!
    Somehow you knew just what to say to me today! Thank you. I'll try to remember.

  2. Holly, a big hug, I had a great day but now I needed to remind myself too. Big Hug.

  3. Hello my dear friend Cindy!!! How are you? I just love paying a visit here to see what you have been up to lately!!! That little boy has it right patients and FAITH, "Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountians"..........
    Love from your Friend in Sunny Seymour, Australia (on the east coast of Australia that is!)

  4. I really liked this post ... just savored it, when I read it, and again just now in re-reading it ... quiet presentation of some important thoughts.

  5. Thanks Toni, I always like to hear from you. i am thrilled that you read it and actually wanted to read it again. Thank you.
    P.S. I wish i could put words to paper like you can. It always moves me.

  6. Kathie, Glad you stopped by, always great to hear from you. Hope all is well in Austrailia, I am anxiously awaiting spring. Doing okay! I know you had the dissapointment with your dream home. Are you looking for others? I always check your site and wish I vcould come over on Friday nights to your classes. Take care for now, cindy


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