Monday, May 11, 2009

Chip & Wylie

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The sun was shining, people were visiting. It was a great day to be outside. I even brought my llittle birdie Chip outside, so all afternoon I got to listen to "whatcha doing, pretty bird and whistles" He/She was having a blast sitting in her cage up high so that the evil dogs could not reach it. The Jack Russell bounces higher and higher and was just chocked when he figured out there was no way he was gonna be able to get it. Anyway it is surprising the other birds in the trees actually come to check Chip out. I guess it is like an alert, "NEW BIRD, NEW BIRD" , So I think we all enjoyed the afternoon. My husband worked all weekend and played ball three times this week. They just started playing last week. He plays in a seniors league. I believe the oldest fellow is 82. There are some really good players. A few years ago one of my nieces came to watch her fave Uncle play. She sat on the bleachers with me and says, There all old, but good for them. good for Uncle Wain. I thought just lovely, I said how old do you think he is and she replied that its amazing at their age they can play ball. I told her to take a bite outa her foot in her mouth. Needless to say Uncle Wain had a good laugh at little miss young thing.
So I talked to my niece yesterday. She always phones to wish me Happy Mothers Day! She is such a good girl, no I am not being sarcastic! I asked her how her weekend was, apparently not bad. They had taken two dogs down to the river on one of the paths and out of the bush comes a porcupine....needless to say the dogs tangled with the porcupine. They had so many quills that they had to go to the vet and be put asleep so they could get the quills all out. Apparently their faces were pretty swollen yesterday. Years ago on the farm one of our dogs did the exact same thing, but he learned quickly to run he was not too bad. I guess when one has animals there is always another story to tell! Today I am going to sit outside and maybe do some beading, I am having a not so feel good day....but in the sun that can quickly change for me. Take care for now. P.S. Who the heck is Wylie? one of the dogs! yeah i might just be a little scatterbrained today!


  1. Oh the poor dog!! I am always putting my foot in my mouth and will use that line next time I say something silly! Love the bird!

  2. I love Chip ... birds period. How cool that the wild birds come to meet-&-greet!!!

    ouch ouch ouch ouch with the porcupine ... DANG!!!! I can't even begin to imagine that, poor dog!!!

    Did sitting in the sun help you feel better, Love?

  3. Ouch!

    Poor fellas! I hope they now have a way to identify porcupines as 'bad news' instead, 'let's see what this is'!

    You do have quite the little pretty bird!

    I love Chip's colors! So vibrant and beautiful!

  4. Hi everyone, my neighbor gave me Chip, he called one day and said he had something for me. So that is how I acquired the bird. He was never home enough. I do love the colors of Chip too, like you said Cam, so vibrant and beautiful.Toni I was feeling better after being outside! It makes such a difference. Thanks for visiting Char and Lois, Lois you said you put your foot in your mouth aLL the time. Sounds like you have a story or two for us. Catch you later. Cinner


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