Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flowers and Gardening

Hello to a brand new week. I actually had a very productive weekend. The weather was fabulous. Sun and more sun. My husband helped me plant some flowers and just a little garden. We went to a new plant place (can't think of the name). They had beautiful potted plants but were quite pricey. I have my first flowers blooming, and I also have a bunch of tulips just about to bloom. So this makes me a happpy little camper. Most of you are probably still spending your holiday Monday. I hope you get a chance to spend time with your loved ones.

OH, I went to my first yard sale, 2 really cool teddy bears, a pottery dish, a cream and sugar set, a photo album, a ceramic pot and some cool wooden shakers...that look like flowers....all for ...drom roll please. $6.50. I never ask for a deal as I know I am getting one anyway. I guess I am so thrilled with my sure do meet some interesting and kind people...most of the time.

Oh, the drug house is finally sitting quiet across the back lane. Picture me doing the happy dance. Just a much safer feeling...but no Mr. Cute Police officers in uniform. Lol.
Have an awesome Day!


  1. Drug house quiet!~ That's what we've been sending the vibes about since you told us. Glad the weekend was good. U.S. still on weekend time since today is the Memorial Day holiday. Hugs to you Cinner, you sound like you're feeling more yourself today!!!!!

  2. Cinner...

    Did I come by to tell you that you're it? Well, you are. :)

    Just follow the link to join the fun

    Tagged! - 50 Questions


  3. can you send me your email ?

  4. beautiful picture sister, am glad that you are enjoying the wonderful weather. The boys just got home and said to say hi, they asked when you were coming down but i told them that they would be going to your house first. Can you keep them for the summer (kidding) well maybe a little kidding. lol We are off to move a filing cabinet, anyone up for a backrub tonite. better go have a great day.

  5. Holly, Yes drug house quiet! yeah. thanks for the positive vibes. And yes I was back to my happy self on Sunday.Loved your post today!

    J.B. I will post it probably tomorrow.

    Beth I sent the email and a note. Thanks. does 3 days at a time sound...just kidding. Love u

  6. Shucks, I'll definitely take teddy bears over druggies, and I LOVE the visual of you doing the happy dance ... matter o'fact, it's such a good one it makes me join in! Send pictures of tulips, pretty please!


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