Monday, May 18, 2009

House Full

Happy Monday Morning everyone! Here in Canada it is Victoria Day! My newphew and his girlfriend have come for a visit from British Columbia. They are staying for a couple of days. They brought along their first addition to their family. His name is Angus, he is a beautiful Shepherd Cross. He is very tall and quite thin. My dogs are quite put out by this newcomer, as for the cat last I saw her she was on the top of the fridge just looking miserable! The last I saw of Angus before bed, he was sitting at the tv stand watching my bird in its cage high up on the stand. You could just see the excitement in the dogs eyes and he was tilting his head trying to figure out why there was a bird in the house....anyway so far we have all made it through the night. When anyone comes to my house it is like camping. my spare room is my little computer/office area. It was too small for a second bed, so I have a futon. Our living room always has been the main room of our house. I have to say it is a little crowded, but I love getting visitors. My newphew and his sister were the ring bearer and flower girl at my first wedding. They were so precious and cute. My favorite memory is getting a mothers day card from them. She was only 3 and could not print her name, but you could see she must have tried real hard. There were squiggles and lines. Well it made big ole Aunt Cinner cry. I still look at that every mothers day. And the only possesions I have from my first marriage is a picture of the kids in their suit and the way I am on my final marriage, number two...I thought I should clarify. Also welcome home Holly. Hope you had a great trip. Toni you got me hooked on Polyvore!. lol. I have a busy day ahead of me, two girlfriends have birthdays today. so Happy birthday Pat and Mel. I will call them later. I don't think they would appreciate a call from me at 517 am, no matter how good of friends we are. My bone of contention now is cuts to our health care system....which is a whole other story for another day. Have a great day, I will catch up on all your blogs tomorrow. Take Care, cinner


  1. Have a wonderful visit! I would be interested in reading about the problems you feel exists in your country's healthcare system! Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks for the welcome home! I had a great time, but came home really sick so I'm a bit behind in my catching up. I hope the visit is/was grand!


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