Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Love

Young Love, it seems that everywhere I turn these days there are new couples that are head over hills madly in love with one another. It does not seem to matter what age twenties,fourties, or eightys...they are all behaving the same way....googoo eyes madly in love, giggly, happier than I think they have ever been! I have been in love twice in my life, married them both! The first led me to a new city. When we split someone said, oh what a shame, so much time lost. How can it be lost time. It was a learning experience, a growth period, and if you believe in fate,,,somehow the first is part of the reason I married my second husband. If we had not moved to this city I would never have met my second husband! I believe that every love is different, Because every individual is different. So then I ask myself how can that be, because these three couples I know from different walks of life are all acting the same. I think it is wonderful and hilarious at the same time. Amd there sex lives, nah don't want to hear about it, that is on a need to know basis....So everytime I answer my phone there is someone at the other end telling me about how wonderful there man is! I think young love is insame because nobody is perfect. but I do know if you love someone that you don't see their flaws, or you find them cute...blah,blah,blah As a couple is together their love grows stronger, different and yet the same....Then this brings me to my next point...When do you become comfortable. That word scares the hell out of me. Comfortable is an old couch. When I hear comfortable i just want to shake things up a bit and buy a new chair if you know what I mean. Lord love a duck, I better get some rest as the lovebirds will be calling in the morning!!!!


  1. I find nothing more comfortable than the love my hubby and I have for each other. it is deep and at times can be very passionate. He has become my best friend and I love him more today than the day we married. Great post. Made me think!

  2. Spring causes the fever in everything, doesn't it? Well, you know how I am about both my Husbands Michael...hehe I feel like you...no love is lost ever unless we're too foolish to keep it in our lives.

    But about the current Michael I say with absolute certainty and with everything in me, "Michael is not perfect; he's simply perfect for me!" How lucky am I?

  3. How cool that you get to be in the center of all the love birds!!! I love that photo, too, goes perfectly. And amen! COMFORTABLE is a dangerous word, in life, in love, in work, in art ... no no no, I only want comfort in my BED, man!

  4. Lois thats nice, Wain is my best friend, I love him more now too.

    Holly I had to laugh when you said Michael is not perfect; he's simply perfect to me!, and thats how I feel!

    Yes Toni, it scares the hell out of me.

    Char ..my best time for me was when I was single and I had all my freedom. Did things with my girlfriends, anything I wanted. I think its when your not looking that it sometimes sneaks up on you. I had given up on love too and then one day...bang it was there again. I wish for you what you wish yourself. Take care, cinner

  5. I totally agree that without the experiences in love that I had previous to my husband, I would not have been ready for our relationship now. Total learning experiences!!!


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