Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today there are many painful things in the world.
Homeless people, hunger,illness,hurtful words that are often hurled.
During these hardships of everyday, we need to hold our heads up high.Some days are long, we find ourselves with a heavy heart, and a heavy sigh..
We must stand tall with dignity and do what is right.
Hold out our hand to our fellowman and choose not to fight.
We must seek out right from wrong, no demons in the night.
We must care for one another, father, nother, sister, brother.
So remember a kind word, a smile, a reached out hand,
An act of kindness will help us to understand.
It will make this world a much kinder place.
Together, and only then, can we make a better race.
by: Cinner


  1. Nice Cin.....and nice pond too.

  2. Hear, Hear! I hope your day finds you feeling more yourself!

  3. Hi beautiful Cinner... I made it :-) I'm here via the new computer and so far it is going okay. Still lots to learn and I'm having a little difficulty with the bright large screen after using a laptop for so long.

    Hug for you and I hope you're not feeling blue.
    best wishes Ribbon

  4. That would be such a great poster, with your words on it ... you've made this so dynamic!


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