Friday, May 15, 2009

Polyvore-A Perfect Day

Well this is the first one I did from the recommended site Polyvore. The picture does not look quite right, but I can definately see how you could play around with this for hours and hours. Thankyou Toni for telling me about this.
Have a good weekend everyone. My perfect day would be sipping tea,, watching butterflies, playing with my dogs, strolling on the beach, writing in a journal reflecting on my wondrous day.
What would your perfect day be?


  1. playing with my nieces and nephews (no fighting) - maybe flying kites, sipping hot tea and reading a good book in a hammock, and listening to the gentle roll of the waves as I'm sipping a glass of wine with my friends.

  2. Char that sounds awesome too.One of my newphews is coming this weekend. it is a holiday on Monday. They will be here for about 3 days so i am very excited to see them.Have a good weekend.

  3. The set looks lovely but the picture is too fuzzy to see it clearly! If you publish your sets on Polyvore, you can click the "Embed on your blog" link, which will give you embed code. Just copy & paste the code onto your blog and the picture will show up correctly and be linked to (so you don't have to upload it).

  4. Thanks so much Jess Lee. It is always good to learn new things. Yesterday I thought what the heck now? lol I will use your advise next time. thankyou for stopping by, I really appreciate your help. take care, cinner

  5. Hi Cinner... unfortunately I can't see the photo and I don't know what polyvore is, but I'll make time in the future to check it out.

    I'm going to post about some photo tricks for mellow yellow monday, if you're up for some more fun.

    Hope you are having a beautiful time with your family this weekend.

    A perfect day for me is when I just can't stop smiling.

    Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments which are always very much appreciated.
    take care & best wishes always... Ribbon

  6. Hey Cinner, Thanks for the visit! I must say I like the idea of sipping tea and watching the butterflies...
    I'll settle for walking in the labyrinth, and trying to photograph pixies, gnomes and imps..
    Blessed be

  7. Did you get to sip your tea? Did I ever tell you I adore butterflies?! I do.

  8. Christina...I just love butterflies, so much that in my younger days i got 3 tattoos of butterflies. I especially like the bright blue butterflys. A few years ago at one of the fairs they had a room filled with butterflies and you coud go in and just walk amongst them. It was beautiful. I did get to sip my tea.

    Sorrow, I would be right there with you especially the pixies. Take care and thanks for visiting.

    Ribbon, I saw that on your blog this am. I am gonna check it out. Take a look at the polyvore I posted yesterday. I just love it. You make your own pages and then publish them. I guess you can get into contests, etc. Thanks to you too Ribbon. I love your comments and your kind words. Take Care, cinner

  9. My perfect day requires a whole post in itself...

    And Polyvore? I will not take the bait. I just got off the coffee. Releasing one addiction doesn't mean I've opened up room for another one! lol

  10. VISITORS! YEA ... I love 'em too. GO CINNER AND POLYVORE. I'm beyond addicted, obsessed and/or DOWN WID IT!!! But I'm restricting myself as much as possible to doing a morning 'set' to record my dreams.

  11. Cam you crack me up. I need my one cup of java in the am.
    Toni, all of your polyvore sets have been gorgeous. You are lucky you remember your dreams. None for me lately and for awhile they were nightmares! I don't think polyvore can help me with that. What do you think?


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