Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yard work Maybe!

Oh what a big stretch, How long do we have to watch her out here. When she is outside we can't get into trouble! Those poor little babies, how they assume my whole life revolves around them is beyond me. It seems everywhere I go they go, afterall it is great fun when I am playing in the dirt. They figure they should too. We finally got some great weather and I am getting ready in my flower beds. Things are just starting to green and the plants are starting to peek through the ground. The best part for me is all my yard ornaments that I get to put out. One of my favorites is my totem pole. I love it..Jasper National Park just had a totem pole over 100 years old taken down. The wood was deteriorating and they were afraid it would fall and hurt someone. I believe they cut it down in pieces and were thinking of putting it into a museum. This would be great as it is a real piece of Canadian History. I know the next time we go it will be odd for it not to be there.....So I have about six bags of dirt, sheep manure, compost all waiting for me to get into...Thank goodness my husband is home to help me....HE says I make a great supervisor...So we are off to start our day with a morning coffee outside and see what happens from there. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy time together with your loved ones and have a great Sunday. God Bless to all.


  1. Wonders of Wonders, Spring finally made it to Canada! I'm so glad...I love the pooch pic! And your totem pole should do a great job in keeping the garden gremlins away!!

  2. Yes me to Holly, although it was very windy today. We did not aget as much done as I hoped, but there is always tomorrow.

  3. but so NICE to have helpers in the yard! My brother Chris just wrote that his Jack Russell puppy mimics everything he does in the yard -- if he digs, she digs; if he scratches, scratches; if he scatters seed, she runs and leaps about ... I WANT A DOG!!!! WAH!!!!!


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