Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Imperfect day...Yeah!

After reading a post over at joy Rebel, I have decided I am having an imperfect day,,,,What does this mean? Well I am getting company and usually i have to have things perfect...but I have decided it is staying just as it is. Also yesterday I got a notice from the city that we would not have water all day until after 5...so there went my cooking plans...so just might order pizza. Also wanted to do some laundry today, but now i can't and that is actually perfect. So I am quickly going to run out before 8 am and water some of my flowers....this means everything should be done for me by 8 am....so I have decided my goal today is going to sit and draw before they get here.....I don't know why I stress myself out about having everything look just right....nobody lives that way and afterall it is just my sister and her boys and the new boyfriend...So it is going to be imperfect and why do i even want things to be perfect. where the hell does that come from....anyway the sun is shining, it will be perfect whether I vaccume or not!!!!so there I have talked myself out of a whole bunch of work....yeah....finally some sense....Yesterday I had a doctors appointment at the University...We get to the waiting room and there is a lady with a little tiny bunnyrabbit that was no bigger than her palm of her hand. She was feeding it with a syringe. There was a perfect photo opportunity but I did not have my camera. Anyway one lady was telling her, you should not have brought in the rabbit for sanitary reasons...it was kinda starting to get ugly for a moment but then I got called into my doctors office...Anyway he asked me how I was doing and I burst into tears, then proceeded to tell him about my Dad and how quickly and severe my cataplexy had gotten just because I was off my schedule. Anyway it was a good visit and he tells me it is normal how I am feeling...I swear he is one of the best doctors I have ever had. On the way out of the hospital, my husband and I just got soaked by a sudden downfall that stopped immediately when we got to our vehicle....Anyway I gotta go water my plants b4 they shut the water off....I hope you have a great day and allow yourself to be imperfect! Just sit back and enjoy.


  1. Long ago, I realized that I was perfectly imperfect. Once I got that through my Queen head, well, what can I say, regardless of my imperfections, "Tis Good To Be Queen!"

    And so say all of us...

    Cinner, this was a really good post. Enjoy the visit. And continue to feel it till it changes and changes and changes again.

    You're imperfectly perfect just as you are right now! HUGS

  2. Enjoy your day Cinner, and as they say "don't sweat the small stuff"! ~xo~

  3. Whoops, that was me Janet at Shabbyfufu who just posted the previous comment and forgot to sign in using my correct Google acct. Well...have a lovely day:-)

  4. Exactly! Enjoy the day as it may come.

  5. we all have some measure of that stoopid perfection twitch ... I prescribe any & every distraction from whipped cream to playing mat-board chase with Zoe ... I'm glad you talked yourself out of the work, Baby! Gold Star for Cinner!

    have a blast with your family, dear love ... I'm not sure I'll be reading blogs again, now, until after my trip, cuz we have a short week here at work and my boss is TAZZING like a MANIAC ... & I still have quite a few errands to do at home. so if you don't hear from me, I love you a billion and I'll catch up with you in mid-July!!

  6. glad you're embracing the imperfect because no one is perfect - we have to embrace what is dealt to us....

    :) I would have loved to see the bunny

  7. Oh, Cinner, I REALLY NEED to learn to be imperfect!!!! This would simplify my life! Thanks for this great lesson!

  8. Some days Cinner it's just about you. Does it feel wrong yes depending on how you were raised. Alot of us don't put ourselves first very often and when we do we feel guilty..why is that??? Hmmmm I could go into a rant..but alas not worth it. I'm glad your doing what is right for you Cinner..your family will love you whether the house is clean or not!! They aren't there to see the house they are there to see you!! :)

  9. I hope you enjoyed your imperfect day! I always take advantage of mine...

    I've been looking around thinking, it's getting a little dusty, or man, that window needs to be cleaned, but I'm just too busy enjoying the summer sun with my family.

    The other can wait!

  10. Hello my wonderful friend!!! So how did your imperfect day go? Mine was lovely, left the house doing no housework, went on the train to a shopping complex an hour away as we live in the country and don't have a shopping complex, much less a movie theater!! Took our 2 girls, our finnish exchange student, and a friend of our girls to see IceAge 3!! Was great and the kids had fun....but we got home really late so Peter cooked tea which we ate at 8.20pm (normal is 6-7pm) got the girls ready for bed and then decided to kick back and relax....that means I'm sitting here and Pete is cleaning the kitchen for us,,yeah yeah I know he is fantastic and I wouldn't swap him for anything!!
    That is my imperfect day!! Ummmm actually turned out pretty perfect really :)
    Lots of love and hugs

  11. Hi Cinner.....I've been super busy and finally am having a quick second to catch up with my blog friends. My heart broke to read about your father. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Ther is nothing like spending time with family...especially the younger generation so enjoy your time with your nephews. I'm sure they don't care you didn't sweep your floors! take care and Herbal Blessings! Mandy

  12. i agree...perfect is so overrated !
    besides...perfect is like a piece of an art....it's all in the eye of the beholder !

    I hope you're feeling better and that your 4th of july was filled with sparklers !!

  13. Thanks everyone, perfect is overated. i have been having great fun with my newphews and more ahead. Big hugs, Cinner


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