Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RE; Flowers below!!!!!!

I don't know what happened to my writing today but I had to write, the first and last pic were taken at the bouchart garden by my sister in law when she visited last week. I absolutely love them and want my yard to look like the first pic. The second pic was taken in my yard and identified by Holly as a columbine! The 3rd photo is of a poppy, she said it was huge and she did not know the name of it. I would love to find out...so if anyone can help me with that that would be awesome....My yard is beautiful, just not alot in bloom yet due to our late spring...but as soon as it does I will be posting my own. I am off to my yard to see what I can do out there today. Yesterday was a very low energy day...back with some uuph today! take care.

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  1. It's a Great Red Poppy (Papaver bracteatum Great Red) and one of the places you can find it is at at:

    Love poppies...but I alway thinks of Dorothy...


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