Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 surprises in 1 Day.!

I had a nice surprise today. My husband came home early from work and surprised me. We had a beautiful evening. We sat outside and he Barbecued. It was scrumptious. It really was the first time all week that I ate, my cold has finally broke so I should be myself again in a couple of days. I also had another surprise from a girlfriend of mine that I have not seen for fifteen years due to the distance and never been able to get time off, then when I got sick lack of funds just would not allow it. She is coming at the end of August. I am so excited. Years ago I stayed at the YWCA, where I met the nicest bunch of ladies. Most of us were taking courses, some secretarial, I was learning how to be a Computer Programmer. When the course finished it turned out the school was not yet poof that was the quickest $2000.00 I had ever spent. However I am glad I took the course because otherwise I would never have met all the girls. We were mostly about 20, most of us the first time away from home. I look back at that life and really do feel it was maybe the funnest time I had ever had. When you are all living in the same building, sharing a kitchen, sharing bathrooms, sharing stories we all got pretty close! I lived there for almost two years on and off until one night it had rained so much that there was a flood and the whole building moved off the foundation. The basement was completely full of water...How is that for luck, and two blocks away where I had been working there was only slight rain..Needless to say I was pretty surprised when I got there and there was a note saying the place was shutdown. So one door closed and another opened...we were moving up in the world into an apartment. That was back in 1983 and our friendship has lasted all these years, usually talking on the phone or emails. Do you have friends that it is like no time has passed and when you finally see each other again it is like no time has passed. I am so excited to see her, her husband and daughter, although I had to promise we would eat earlier in the evening when they are here!So I hope you get to enjoy time with your friends. Remember they are a gift.


  1. Your too funny Neener...I am starting to feel a bit better so i will phone you soon. love ya.

  2. talk to you soon...I work straight through til wednesday.


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