Saturday, July 4, 2009

Boys, Food, Tired

Well this morning I had breakfast made for me. I was very surprised because last night I let the newphews stay up late. This morning I called them bright and early just like my Dad did when we were kids and these little gunkers told me they were staying in bed because they were too tired to get up. I did let them stay in bed but had to chuckle because I knew if it were my Dad they would have been up and dressed and had a half days work in already. Anyway when they did get up, starving they were, thus my breakfast was made. We all had good laughs this morning. Soon we are going to get things ready for our Vietnamese supper this evening. They love it so I thought it would be fun showing them how to make it. My favorite are the rolls...ummmmm. I can just taste them now...Other than that not too much planned, my sister in law is taking the boys to some demolition car races. they are stoked about it...any of my outings are done durning the am because as the day goes on and I get tired that is when I have more of the Cataplexy spells...So off I go now to do some stuff with them. I am just getting over a cold so I am already feeling a little tired. I must keep going or I am done....and they won't have no part of that....Here is a picture of my peonies in bloom, is so later for them. Lots of my flowers probably will not bloom this year due to our late spring and we have had very little rain....Have a great day and to all my American friends Have a Great 4th of July Day.


  1. Well hello sister,I know the boys are having an awesome time and I can't tell you how much we both appreciate the break. It is so nice getting up to a quiet house for a They have always being so lucky to have an aunt like you. I think Isaiah took an awesome pic of Wain playing ball, maybe he is a photographer in the making. Will talk soon, love reading your blog.

  2. Must be something to the orient dinner theme today-- a friend in california was making wontons when we talked earlier!
    have a great $th!

  3. So, rain? Want some? We've had more than enough so I'll send some your way. The peony is bee-u-tee-ful; like you!

    Have a grand time!

  4. Penquin, we are having fun, they are off to some car races tonight, so I have some down time...yeah, kidding, you know that I love having them here....

    Cygnus...with the two boys it gave new meaning to the dinner. our rolls looked more like wontons. lol. hope you had a great day. I did not realize you had other blogs until today so I am going to check out some previous posts.
    take care, cinner

    I wish I could get some rain from you Holly, for now I will settle for all your wonderful thoughts on your blog. cinner


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