Monday, July 20, 2009

Color or Not

I love colors, all of them, the only color I don't like is navy. It makes me look really really cold and unaproachable. That was told to me in some business meeting.
At work there were black suits, with different blouses thrown under neath. One day I even wore a scarf as a shirt under my blazer. I was nice and cool that day. I have a real love for different glasses although my favorite ones i gave to a young lady that did not have money to buy a new frame for herself. They were metallic shiny blue. She loved them and everyonce in a while I miss them...but she needed them more, I have rose colored glasses. Used to think I was the bees knees in them. of course bright green plastic frames that looked like the bad side of the moon on my point is why do we love something one day and then next you wonder what the bleep were you thinking. I know the room I created on polyvore would keep my interest for about 3 months and I would end right back to what I know...Garage sale items, treasures and the more earthtone the better. I would say turquise is my favorite color and favorite jewelry color. If I want to feel sexy I dye my hiar red, I love the look of colorful drinks although I can no longer drink. And I feel like i have hit the jackpot when I look at paint. There is nothing better for me, and to open a can and see the brillancy wow. In my home earthtones usually prevail. I do not have one white wall in the house. That would kill me and make me think of a hospital I live my life day by day and feel like I am playing with a box of crayons, to see the world as vibrant or washed out. It really is about the mood of someone. I feel sexy in purple,young in jeans, hate dresses, exhauted in I can color my world anyway i want...I might like one pink chair, the rest would have to go. I ask my husband what does he want and he says he trusts me, that it always looks nice....since I got sick I have yet to finish one complete project...whereas before everything had to be done or I could not I know things can wait for me, afterall life is on my time, when I am having a good day I may start something and then may not have a good day for husband tries to help me, we just laugh as he knows how hard I try. Just like the colors of the rainbow, we can make our world whatever color we want, when we want, where we want. Colors can cheer us or make us sad, colors can give us more energy, My favorite color is turquise(p.s. this week). I hope you have a very colorful day.


  1. I'm not sure it's a problem this wish to change your favorite color all the time. It's just Cinner. I think she's colorful, fun, and grand. So says this Queen of The Universe!

  2. ACK!

    We are so simpatico on this one, dear Cinner!
    Every last word...

    I am always shaking things up in our house. Maybe that is why I love to move so much also. I can see my husband start to look tired just by my lingering in the paint samples aisle. I think about things I have given away that would be perfect in our home right now. I could kick myself sometimes, but I am always glad that someone else gets enjoyment out of what we gave. Still, if I just had those blue and green papasan chair cushions, or all that red and black stuff I gave away, it would be flippin' awesome in this house right now... lol.

    Lemme know when you want to paint again. I'll live vicariously through you since this is a rental...

  3. my favorite colors change fairly often too. what i would do with changing colors is that i would go neutral or white on the ways and then use pillows and other stuff to bring in whatever color I was into at the time. or bring in all the colors through pillows and other things that coordinate.

  4. Cam, I do things like that and then later think where oh where...keep in mind the house is 860 sqyare feet including the front and back porch which were both add ons and I do have the smallest bathroom. I figure I have to go bright and colorful so you don't notice the smallest or the crooked floors, but then I think ah it just has more character.

    Char I think that would be the easiest way and
    sure as heck less work.Thanks for the idea.

    Thanks Holly, you are the Queen/ Tale care my beautiful friend.

  5. You've really thought about this! I just know I dream in color most nights, that I love gem tones but also the playful mod colors in your room, here, and I GOTTA have green, even if it's just a chair cushion. Those business meeting color assessments, pfffft phooey say I. I had my 'colors done' once as part of a business assignment ... I was told I'm 'summer flowing into spring' (color palette) and I was still listening, then, but when the woman told me I should NEVER wear black, I snorted and started doodling on my brochure. I mean, 'scuse me? A tall, leggy blond not wear black? What has been selling whiskey, cars and just about everything else since the dawn of media? ... sorry, didn't know THAT was coming out. And changing your colors and decor is really a good energy charge for your heart and soul and creativity ... I don't change colors so much as constantly rearrange furniture or my 'display' shelf in each room ...


  6. I would love if you could come over, you would not be in a room like that, us, holly, cam. char, beth to mention just a few..nothing like a girls day, week, month. yeah! Heres to my leggy blond wearing black. You rock.


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