Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Day In My Life.

I had to laugh when I saw this photo that I had taken as I did not remember my dog sitting there...but there he sits sunning himself. He is quite a commical dog, always not very far from me. Anyway so this is the fountain that I got from my friend the other day...I don't know if you remember but she had a bunch of her ornaments stolen from her yard. As she has no fence she wanted me to take some of them and she will come and enjoy them in my yard....So I am royally loving this. I love cherubs as long as there are not too many of them. This is perfect. Yesterday, before I took the picture I sat on the bench and closed my eyes listening, to the birds, the sound of the city that was almost drowned out by the trickling of the water. I think everyone needs a fountain as they are so peaceful and can literally transform you from the stress of your day, into a calm, soothing soul that is at one with the universe. I swear someone could come in with guns ablazing, and I would say, now sit your but down as I am meditating, or maybe I am over medicated. Anyway right now this is my world, my zone. I have picked up a summer bug of some kind. I am starting to lose my voice, so voila here I am....and when I am not here, I am either sleeping due to my medicine or I am meditating out by the fountain...just the dogs and I. Talk about a simple life, it's the one I choose and it feels good to say that.


  1. This is quite a lovely gift and I couldn't think of someone who would be more appreciative of such present as you. Well, maybe me, but I'm glad you have it.

    And, the sound of the water? Yes, everything you say. I hope you begin to feel better, soon, Sweetie!

  2. hope you feel better soon!!! and what a beautiful gift - I hope you keep on enjoying it

  3. Oh cinner this is a beautiful water fountain, i can't wait to come see it and sit with you and we can listen together.

  4. Dearest Holly, Thanks for the wishes, I don't know if its a cold or just a dry cough. My friend has been so generous, she does'nt know it but she is like a Grandma to me as well as a great friend. She gave me a few things. She has a great heart. She is 82 and she says we all keep her young. She has been giving back gifts to some of us lately, ones that we bought her. she says she would rather we enjoy them while she is alive than when she snuffs out....those are her words....now as for your words on a comment I read today where you said you would rather shave your head with a cheese grater...that was not a vision I need going round in my head although I had a hell of a laugh. Big Hug,

    Char, yes I love it, and there is no doubt in my mind and she will come and we will have tea. She is from England and she always says I make tea like nats pee...not sure what a nat is. She says Oh Baaalls alot. Big Hug

    Penquin, you have no idea how happy that would make me, perchance we could sit and hold hands.
    have a good day at work tommorrow. your big sis


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