Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Concentration Tonight!

I took this photo last summer. It reminded me of the one that used to be on the family farm. I often wonder why most barns are painted red, why not blue or yellow, why red. I love old barns, houses, buildings, cars, and men! I have never been attracted to a younger man. Age just brings more character to a man! Age for me is making me slower, wider, and shorter...I think there is more to this list but I will leave it at that. There is the walking from room to room wondering what I am doing or where was I going. If this keeps up I guess I will be going for holidays in my house...just letting you know I think the nyquil has kicked in. I went to the doctors today and I have to go for chest xrays to rule out anything other than a cold. I knew I had a cold before I went or did I...anyway the adventure out played me out. I talked to my Mom for quite awhile tonight. It would have been my parents 47th anniversary today. We had a nice talk about my Dad, we were able to talk without crying so it does seem to be getting better for us. Somewhere we find the strength that we need to continue on and as many of you have told me it will get easier with time. You were all right! Well I am off to sleep. I will say a prayer for all of my
blogging friends to keep us safe, well and young at heart. oh, as for the old men that is a story for another day...if I remember.hahaha


  1. hi cinner, well i was at work last night then did not go to sleep till 2 then awake at 4:30 finally i thought instead of tossing and turning to just get up. So here I am, funny you mentioned Mom and Dads anniversary as I really thought alot about both of them yesterday and well tonight, probably why I am up. The boys called home last night and i will be calling this morning. Not sure why the barns are painted red either but that is something to look up. talk later luv u

  2. hi cinner, look what i found on the web an answer to your ? about red barns.Barns were originally painted red because back in pioneer days there wasn't much choice. Farmers used to make their own mixture, consisting of a nauseating blend of skim milk, lime, linseed oil, and iron oxide, which farms had plenty of that gave the red color, better known as rust. "Hmm," said the anonymous inventor of this concoction, "this is not the milkshake I hoped it would be. But it might make a pretty good paint."

    It was even so. The mixture hardened quickly and wore well. The red color was a side product of the iron oxide. After the advent of Sears Roebuck and modern factory-mixed paint, barns stayed red in order not to disappoint the old age tradition.

  3. I was going to say, that also, when paint became more readily available and reasonably priced, red paint was the least desired and so least expensive. worked. When white wash became easily had, then that's when you saw lots of white barns on farms....

    But, being able to go on holiday in your own home? LOL I love that!!! HA! Now, where am I?

  4. Penguin, are'nt you the brightest little sister a girl could have. Between Holly and you I have learnt something, so my day is wonderful. I woke this morning and I am feeling much better than I have in three weeks, and I can concentrate better!....

    Holly I am glad you get my sense of humor. I am coming to visit your blog right now, and then I am holidaying in my's not very expensive either.

  5. Hey, Cinner - I love old barns, cars, and men, too! Always did dig older men...sigh...

    I wander from room to room, too...if I can't remember why, I just figure I needed the exercise. Maybe I'll hang photographs of different places I'd like to go and have a few holidays in my home, as well. You're starting a trend!!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. it's always a good day when you can talk without the crying. keep feeling better dear one

  7. Kyddryn, well we are two peas in a pod then, because me too. Sean Connery, Sam Elliot. My husband is 11 years older than me and I am starting to see a bit of the age difference sometimes.Take care,

    Char, thankyou for being there for me, You are such a strong person, I can tell by all you do. Have a great day!


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