Saturday, July 18, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

1. Take time to smell the flowers!

2. Enjoy your day, Enjoy your life!

3. Live.Love, Laugh every day always!

4. Do not waste one prescious moment!

5. Get outside and have some fun!

6. Be grateful for everything you have!


  1. And let me simply add, "Amen!"

  2. Very true! Loving your new blog decor!

  3. clairedulalune, Thanks, I am pleased with it.
    I love to sit in my yard and watch the birds although this summer some have not come. My dad always had humming birds and canaries! Not me in the city. Have a great Day.

    Holly,Holly, have a great day. Are you doing anything special.

  4. my fav flowers...thanks for such a pretty pic


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