Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're Like Sardines!

It is going to be a day! It pouring, its raining, the husband is snoring, the boys are up, my niece is here and it's very early in the morning! My house is 860 square feet...so add two dogs, a cat, and a bird, oh and me and now ask me if my house is full. Yes we are busting at the seams! The little ragamuffins of course have enough energy for an energized bunny. So I believe we will all try and stay out of each others hair today or maybe watch a movie, they want to watch the Michael Jackson memorial...not sure If I will or not, I think I have had my fill of funerals lately! I have just been informed we are all staying in our pjs today...I tell you me in a flowered mumu...well it just does not get any better than that...my girlfriend Neener says they are the reason I never had children...She actually has come to my house and thrown them out...Only a best friend can get away with that. I hope you all enjoy your day and if it sunny, get outside...As soon as the sun breaks, I am outa here...If its too crazy, I have a really bright lime green raincoat to go with my bright mumu...The kids will just die, Maybe I will make them go for a walk with me. Can you tell I like to get them going and wind them all up! it should be a day filled with laughter, rain or not!

My Blog was mentioned on the blog site.. It's gonna take more than a hamburger to make me happy...you should check it out, It is definately worth a look see.!
Its gonna take more than a hamburger to nake me happpy


  1. Your little blog is becoming quite the blog star, and I couldn't be more tickled for you!!!

  2. yay congrats for being mentioned. the link is not working for me.

  3. Wow Cinner congrats!! Nice to hear that I'm not the only one bursting at the seams!! I live in a small space as well. So I know what you mean by as you describe it as cabin fever. Have a great day


  4. And if I'm not mistaken the lime green coat could be blamed on me as well. LOL

  5. Hello sister, packed like sardines too funny, i can just imagine. Have to say i am glad i am not there with you. lol Your blog is becoming a daily routine around here. My sweety and I get up and read it every morning. My morning was a bit different then yours, i won a bet yesterday and my reward was breakfast in bed. WOW i think this guy is definetely a romantic at heart. He had it all done up so pretty. So as i am looking forward to seeing my munchkins i sure do appreciate you having them for awhile, it was nice having just some us time. Love you and will talk soon.

  6. Crista then you know what I mean, I am so anxious for the sun to shine. I love seeing your blog, it is now a daily routine.

    Neener, yes I can blame the coat on you. P.S. is that not what best friends are for.

    Holly yes I am pleased and I credit that to you, you were one of the first to get me noticed....thankyou...Big hugs, Cinner

    Penquin, glad you enjoyed your time. We had fun and yes I would have them again...might need a break now though. lol. actually I will probably cry when they leave. wah, wah, wah!

  7. If I can find the time I have to send you a picture of this top I got lady...people here in Pulp Mill central may not get it but you will. Think Gramma's house dress meets retro cool. LOL

  8. Hey Cinner,

    How's my blog star this week? :) First, I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your Dad. I've been crazy busy with work, I'm just now catching up on a bunch more of your posts. My deepest sympathy.

    Next, thank you for mentioning my blog on your blog too this week. I'm afraid I haven't been blogging as much as I would like in the last couple of months because I was summoned by the cake Gods to decorate cakes. lol You'll have to read my "Moving on Up" post for the details. Although, I have yet to write more about my adventures in cake decorating, I will be posting an update soon. I just have to get Eddy to take a look at it. I tend to go on and on sometimes, and she keeps my from rambling. Speaking of which, I think I've said more than enough for one comment today. :)


  9. jb, thanks for dropping by. You will have to tell me your stories. Your lucky you have eddy to help you on your blog...I will keep coming back my dear. Later, cinner

  10. Neener send me a pic of your post also need to learn how to link in a post...oh lordy me memory is on the fritz tonight. off to bed. i LOVED reasing your comments. The boys want me to say hi and Isaiah says he misses you.


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