Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who Steals Lawn Ornaments!

Happy Monday Morning Everyone! Of course the weekend went by really quickly. we spemt most of Sunday outside relaxing in the yard. I have a bad cough/cold. It is a very strange one...enough of being sick already! This photo is actually one of my favorite plants in my yard. I have it in my rock garden and it flowers like this. This is the second year. Again it is one I can't remember the name. I do remember the store where we bought it. They had awesome displays of blown glass I had ever seen. It was quite an artsy fartsy store which brings me great joy. I love seeing what others are doing. That is actually something that has always interested me...blowing glass. Years ago we did it in Chemistry class and it has been almost haunting me, as if it is calling out to me to do it...So this is on my list of things to do. I am good at making lists, but sometimes not on the follow through part of it. I had a wonderful surprise this weekend. One of my friends recently had a bunch of items stolen from her yard and she does not have a fence around her yard, so she had some things she wanted to give me and another friend. I agreed but told her she had to promise to come and sit with me in my yard and we would have tea and listen to a beautiful fountain she gave me....I will try to get pictures tomorrow. It makes me angry that people take from others. She has been one of the kindest and most generous people that I have ever met in my life. I was really saddened by the taking of her lawn ornaments and beautiful solar lights that looked like butterflies and dragonflies...She said she does not want to have anything out in case they come back again and take them! I will make sure she comes over often and gets to enjoy my yard now that she does not feel safe in hers. She is 82 years old, I love her and I am mad as hell at whomever stole her stuff. I did tell her that I was glad she was not at home when this happened...she is safe and sound and she agreed with me. She was upset as one of the statues that were taken I had given it to her! Luckily there are still more good people in the world than not, it is too bad though that they do not think how people will react to their demonstations of immaturity. If they come in my yard I think I will blast them with the water hose...Yeah right I would probably run chicken into the house....okay, okay, it would be a fast walk as my running days I think are over...;lol. I have my two dogs for protection, but lets put it this way...I think if anyone happened to have treats...poof it could all be gone...but I an not worrying about another thing, as that list is pretty full. I know if anyone steals anything from here I hope they take all my lists, then the last laugh would be on them....Have a great day, keep your loveones close!


  1. Whenever something is robbed from you, you feel violated. But, it seems so unnecessary in a garden since we do them for the pleasure of everyone...why take anything when you're welcome to enjoy it with the owner?! Sad.

    The plant looks like the bloom from your succulents that are often called Hen & Chicks or sometimes Cats & Kittens. You photographed the absolute top, so I can't tell, but if you'll be honest and say whether or not it looks like flowers atop a rather long penis, yep, Cats & Kittens it is! Go on, you know you're laughing now...

  2. Yes I am laughing, I am just having my first cup of coffee and now I have a vision floating around in my I have some Hens & chicks. not quite the same thing, because I don't think they bloom...So from now on they will be cats & kittens. have a great day my friend.

  3. that's really sad and i am boiling with anger that someone would do that! As you said though, at least the lady was not in when it happened and she is safe and sound! I think it is lovely that she can spend time with you in yours!

  4. Cinner, when the Hens & Chicks/Cats & Kits get mature enough, they do bloom!


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