Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Birdie Told Me

I have been pondering this for a few days and have decided to just get it together. As most of you know I have a variant of Narcolepsy with Severe Cataplexy. I got this when I was for me turning 40 was like turning 80. What I have learnt the last few years is that I am so sedentary that the weight just keeps slowly coming on.I have really not felt well lately and have decided to get this under control. I have been following Anne over at She has inspired me to start a second blog which I have decided to call Me, My Four Chins, and I.
I am not dieting, it is a lifestyle change and living within my limitations. Most of all it is about me being consistant. It needs to be held in the same regard as taking
my medications everyday. I hope you want to come and visit and encourage me along this path. I am not sure where it will lead to...maybe I can walk a little further, faster, or longer. Maybe I can just live with a little more ease. Wish me luck.


  1. As a woman who is trying to do the same, you know I absolutely will! And make sure there's a link here on this blog so we can slip on over to view your other thoughts! Good for you Cinner!


  2. I look forward to following you on this journey. All the best to you. xx

  3. Cin.....though i am no 'avid' follower of diet regimes I learned a lot about digestion over the years. Whole foods, organics, herbs, and their energetics is something I respect enormously. For sugar second to none. It is a blood balancer as well.

    Certain foods do not mix in the gut properly....they take different enzymes to break down.

    learn not to 'mix metaphors' ie;

    no fruit with anything else 1.5 hrs before or after other foods.

    meat 'n' taters is completely wrong.

    meat'n'veggies is completely right

    carbs 'n' veggies is completely right

    don't drink with meals .... later is better

    EVERYTHING packaged needs major scrutinizing.

  4. Holly, thanks and yes I will put a link to the other one. Good luck to you on your journey too.

    Sara, thankyou. I hope you did not get hit by the big storm tonight. Terrible storms.

    Spotted Wolf...I thank you so much,,,makes sense/ i had not heard about no fruit with anything else 1.5 hrs before or after other foods. You know me I will be back probably for more answers to all my questions....take care my friend.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! We are all learning together, Cinner!
    Luck, support , skill, lifestyle changes - I get so much from my blogging friends....I hope you can too....we share a great little community !!

  6. We sure do anne..we do have a gret little community. Keep up the good job...take care.

  7. OH Cinner I wish you the larges HUG and the larges good luck ever. I'm there for you in supporting your new personal adventure. :)

  8. aw, hon - you will do great and I will cheer you all the way!! great decision

  9. good luck Cindy, it's a tough journey but you're a tough woman!

  10. what a fun blog title -- you have got the doggonedest bestest sense of humor, C-woman!!!

  11. Toni, I have always said Keep your chin up, and i will keep all 4 of mine up. You can really get some shocked faces that way...maybe I hide behind my humour. just maybe. you are another one with the humour! T-woman

    A nurses Curses,,,thankyou so much for joining both my blogs and what a surprise you gave me today, and you are right I am a tough woman,,,someday when I am older I think I will write a book. Who'd believe it. Big Hug.

    Thanks Char, you know I have struggled with this all my life. it is the one thing I have never done..., and it is the most important, so like me to wait this long. I have no doubt I will do this I say as my stomach just gurgled...I don't remember the last time I was hungry! So it is working. Thanks for cheering me on.

    Crista, Thanks for your support, it means alot.I am writing this,,,you are probably on your gondala ride. Better you than me, i am a little scared of heights. Take care.


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