Monday, August 31, 2009

Insomnia Again!

Happy Monday Morning! I am writing this in the middle of the night. Sometimes I get overtired and then I get insomnia. Or maybe because it seems so muggy in our house this evening. I lay in bed listening to the hum of the fan thinking I don't think it is doing a thing. Of course my husband is sound asleep snoring like no tomorrow! I thought the above picture is really cute. It is of my niece and her boyfriend. They are such a cute couple. Kelsey is going to school to become a nurse, and she just moved in with her brother and future sister in law. So they will be a happy little family. She phoned me on our anniversary and I thought to myself that she is quite the young lady. I have a slight slope out in front of my house that goes down to where we park the vehicles. Kelsey came one weekend and dug and landscaped and put in some stairs for me dug into this slope. She worked her little butt off, being the niece that she is she brought me out a chair so we could visit while she did this. She was very particular about getting everything just right. She wanted to get them in for me before winter came so that I would not slip. She came and stayed with me for a few days this summer. I would really keep her here forever sometimes. She laughs at how slow I can be somedays, but she knows what I struggle with and she always seems to be on the lookout for my next cataplexy spell. I guess because I am tired I am missing her and I read Claires post about her missing her family and then I got thinking about mine, so I found this picture on facebook and thought I would surprise little miss thing by having it on here. We spent the day with my husbands family, all his brothers and one sister. It was a good time and we barbecued and it was a nice day. My one sister is coming to see me on Friday for a few days. I am so excited. I have not seen her since my Dad's funeral in May. I feel we have gone through a real growing process, but can't wait to see her. She always says I just want to sit on the couch with you and hold your hand. When she says that I know we are both in need of a sister visit...So I hope today you get some time to enjoy your families. All my results from some of my tests at my doctors are back and they called and booked me for tomorrow. I am sure everything is fine, but they usually only call if something is wrong....So I am trying not to worry!Until Tommorrow! Be well. Kelsey surprise it is a lovely picture! Have a great day


  1. Waiting for labs over the weekend is just maddening.
    Sorry you can't sleep.
    Me either.
    And family? The bloggers are my family.

  2. Hi Cinner, You always show how much you appreciate your family and it does sound like you have a great one. Your niece is amazing, I don't know anyone else who would work like to put in steps so you could be safe. Love that girl!!!

  3. Cinner:

    Sending Reiki energy to support you while you wait. Please let us know what you learn. I'm very happy that your sissy is coming to be with you. You only have such loving people around you because that's who you are to everyone; for which we are very grateful!

  4. hi sister, well i woke up early with some terrible nightmares. They left me awful feelings, reading your blog changed that, out of all that is you chose to pick a positive thing to focus on. Want you to know that you changed my day as that is what i am going to do focus on the positive and forget the rest. love you can't wait to see you.

  5. Hi Cinner
    I enjoyed your telling of your niece and how she built the stairs. Wow!
    I will be praying for all good outcomes with your doctor.

    Love Gail

  6. hope you get over the insomnia spell soon. I hate it when I go through that.

  7. ps - did you see my comment about joining the group? really, it's more about friendship than quality of photography. I hope you will consider it.

  8. Loved that picture of your niece & her's sweet!
    It's wonderful to have caring family members that do special things for us...your niece is very special!

    I'm sending good thoughts across the miles that you will have peace of mind today.
    Try not to worry...all will be ok!
    I know that is easier said then done though!

    A hug for you, Cinner!


  9. Cinner, how wonderful of your niece to help you and now your sister is coming to visit...wonderful how family will always give us a soft place to land when we fall.
    Enjoy your day my friend, and try not to worry. You are in my heart and prayers....Hugs

  10. Kelsey is very particular, she has already set up her bedroom in my basement and it looks fantastic!

  11. what a cute picture of your neice and her boyfriend; she sounds like such a sweet young lady! so sorry you have insomnia; not fun to try to sleep and it won't come and then hearing hubby snoring next to you

    neat that you live close by to family to get to spend a lot of time with them

    hoping your doctor's visit goes well and nothing too serious is on the lab work


  12. Betty, I am grateful for ny family, 2 sisters live 3 hours away, my niece is two provinces away, but we get together as much as possible, My Mom is ten hours away, I talk to her twice a day on the phone, so even though my side isn't here I do have all of my husbands family.

    Nurses Curses, You must be in heaven getting moved in , I am so excited for you, Kelsy I think is elated that the three of you are all together. bIG hUG

    Bernie I am so excited about her coming on Friday! And it is just going to be us time which we really need. The doctors cancelled my appointment until Friday, I am sure everything will be just fine. Have a great day, think of you often.

    Thanks Margie, the appointment was cancelled until just a few more days...You would like my niece, last time she was here she was on a holiday...because little miss thing slept alot here. But just to be in the same room is enough. Do you ever have that feeling...With your kind heart I am sure that you do.

    Char I emailed you, I am in if there is still time. Take care, I liked the comment about friendship. You are a doll.

    Gail, thankyou, I loved your post today and thankyou for your prayers, I am sure everything will just be fine...Take care my friend.

    Thanks Holly, what a kind thing to say. Thankyou for the energy, they cancelled and changed the appointment until Friday, I will have my sister with me...They probably just want to go over results and tell me everything is in line, thats what I am telling myself...its all good.

    TechnoBabe, she is good, last time she was here I had taken some pictures and one that my husband took, she had her hand sorta out making sure I would'nt fall...And she really worked hard. Of course I got to play supervisor sitting on a chair neighbors must think what a lazy bum I am. Lol Hope you are well. Take care.

    Anne, what are we doing up in the middle of the night? My appointment is now for Friday, they cancelled it until then. Wait, Wait, and Water, water, water. LOL We do seem to find our own family in blogland, I would truly miss this...Herbie, my computer better stay well. Take care.

  13. I hope all your results are good ones....
    I think about you often and always hope that today is a good day for you...

    insomnia can be an okay thing...every once in while, as I somehow get things done...hang in there...we're here for you !

  14. Beth, I think I get the most done in the middle of the night when all is peaceful, during the day I like to be outside, so every once in a while I get that housecleaning syndrome. lol Thanks for your kindness. Every morning I look at the photograph you sent while I am having my morning coffee and I think of you tresspassing all over the place. Take care and be careful!. lol

  15. awwww i love the pic. and i am so happy to hear that i help you. I always try to do something when im there because i barely ever get to see you. Oh and those steps had to be perfect and flat so you wouldnt fall. love you talk to you soon


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