Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Has Been One Big Bllur Lately!

Hello everyone, I have returned safe and sound. I have to admit the last few weeks have been somewhat of a blur to me. Last night when I returned home about ten in the evening, my husband, home, and my pets , it was the best feeling in the world to get back to my home. I had great visits with both of my sisters, both of them making sure that I did not overdo it and  they both made me take my afternoon naps,   They also made sure that I was careful when out walking. They both thought that I was tired and truthfully I found it very tiring, My younger sister is getting married next fall and she is busy planning, so it was fun and really quite exciting to see her fall in love at fourty. She was married once before, long before she even knew who she was, so for her to find that true love now , she is especially grateful. ! As for  doing a lot, I have to say I did not but was jusst glad to spend some time with the people I love. There were some major disappointments upon returning to the farm where we grew up. It was the first time we had returned since our father had passed away. Unfortunately  we all seem to have different standards of what is right and wrong. We have been very patient and have always dealt witth some hardships, that are not important now, but nothing had changed, we seem to have become further apart than ever. My sisters and I value honesty more than anything else! That is all I can say on this issue as it is all quite tender now and close to the surface. This is what I have learned. I have no control over other peoples lies and deciepts,  But I do have the choice of how I choose to react to such! So even though some days were not as pleasant as I would have liked I still made a choice to try and have my very best days. My great joy was being out of the city for awhile, playing with my Dads dog, seeing the cattle and the calves and a wonderful visit with my Aunt and Uncle, my Uncle was my deads best friend and we were treated with extreme kindness, caring and affection. He grew pumpkins and must have picked a hundred, He was creating scenes for all his grandchildren coming home. I could not but think how delighted they will be when they all arrive to see them. Some were huge, may be 50 lbs. It was his very first year at trying to grow different varieties. Put all together it was actually quite beautiful. We came back early and like I said  I  am so glad to be home, so glad to be able to get back into my routine, so glad to be  in a place that is not toxic for me at all...I  hope you are all well and  I will be by to visit and see what you have all been up to! I think after a few more hours of sleep, I should wake and be ready to have My best day yet. I hope you all get to spend time with those you love and hold dearest to you. life is too short to focus on anything  that does not bring you joy...at least that is my moto at 549 am. I could not sleep as I was overtired. My sister is snoring up a storm and my husband is having a very peaceful sleep. He told me he had never missed me as much as he did this time. I just gave him a big hug and I knew ALL was OK again! .....Sorry for such a long post, but I guess I had some things to say. All will be very well again, one good sleep is all I need. ! Have a great day!


  1. I'm so glad you are home safe. Doesn't that feel, the best? I loved reading what you had to say. : ) wink.

  2. getting home to everything familiar, really is the best thing ever after a long trip...

    even when a trip is perfect, home is still better than anything you had while away...and I'm glad your sisters took good care of you !!

    did you get photos of all those pumpkins ?

  3. As for me, I love your long posts ... family is just that, family, all different individuals, so a few snarls & tangles are bound to happen. sounds like you know how to step back and keep yourself centered, which really helps with balance. Your sisters take good care of you, Baby! I approve. And what your husband said when you got back? I just started to blubber -- how sweet was THAT?!!! I'm with Beth, too -- did you get any pics of the punkins?

  4. welcome home - you were missed.

    so glad you had a great time

  5. Welcome back, Cinner.
    Missed you!

    Enjoyed reading about your time away and what I really loved was what you said about your sisters and you valuing honesty more than anything else.
    That's me too, so much.
    My sister and I are so close and honesty is what we most cherish.

    I know how happy you are to be home.
    As much as I love to travel I love just as much to come back home.

    May today be a day of joy for you, Cinner.


  6. Oh! How I missed you! Welcome home, Dear One.

  7. Holly, I have missed you too. Thankyou so much for the award, I will post it tomorrow. Take care. I am glad to be back.

    Margie, Yes my sisters and I are close too and honesty is top on the list for us. I won't ever settle for anything less. I am so happy to be home, sitting in my bathrobe with my coffee and my two dogs around my feet listening to my music and being happy and content. I wish all people could live peaceful.
    Thanks Margie, I hope you have a great day too.

    Char, I missed you too. It will take me a few days to catch up with everyone. Our weather here sounds the same as yours. Waiting for just a glimpse of the sun. take care.

    Toni and Beth, No if you can believe it I forgot. Last time I saw them they had just gotten a little beagle puppie, he is now about six months old. Of course I took a picture of him. And now I am kicking myself because the one in the truck was so huge. So I let two of my favorite ladies down. as Toni would say. SHITE.

    Christina, thankyou , there is no place like home or like good friends. Be by to visit soon.

  8. It is always good to get back home isn't it... especially after such a long trip. Rest well x

  9. Welcome back. What lovely news about your sister finding love again and getting married. Concentrate on the good. you are so right, you can not control what others say and do.

  10. Suzi, there is no place like home. Today I have had a do nothing day. I think I needed the rest. All my housework can wait. lol.

    Liss, thanks, I am so excited for her. She is over the moon with joy. I will concentrate on the good, it far outweighs the bad. Take care.

  11. Welcome home - your posts are never too long - they are always interesting!
    Yup - there's no place like home.

  12. Isn't that the way it goes in families when they get together, there is some sort of strife just because we are human and imperfect. You always have a good temperament and attitude and seem to forgive the wrongs of others and that is a nice part of you. Glad you are home safe and sound and getting rest.

  13. Amme. that is nice to hear, so thankyou my friend.

    TechnoBabe, Strife because we are imperfect and human...I will remember that, I am a forgiving person for sure/ One of my sisters say too forgiving, I try to see the good in others! thanks for your comments, they always seem to make my day.

  14. Hello my dear sister, I woke up this morning and went to check your blog i was so happy to hear my favorite song Over the rainbow. I tried to post under that one and for some reason it would not let me. thank you for starting my day off great thinking of the beautiful laughter of my son and us all laughing together. I am blessed and i too will not let the toxic poison ruin my days that some seem to live for. Love is great at 40 and life is too short for anything but love and peace. I love you dearly and I too will have my best day!!

  15. Penguin, you really are a darling. just enjoy and remember in the long run of it, this too shall pass. enjoy you life and every moment my sweet sister. love you. Have your best day.


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