Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soon Comes November!

"How sad would be November if we had
no Knowledge of the Spring!"
by Edwin Teale

I looked today as this picture that I had taken two days ago
and I thought of the above quote, and I have to say
that I understand this completely!
Time just keeps moving so swiftly on!
It was dark this morning when my husband left for work,
and dark when he arrived home this evening.
Soon our days will seem shorter still.
I had a productive day today,
ok, my terms of productivity and yours are probably two different terms!
I seemed to be really focussed on this new program and I have booked for my first module for Oct.30!
So at least that will get the ball rolling!
As for other things, we still have not recieved the autopsy results about my Dad!
That is five months, we just need some closure!
I keep dreaming about him lately and I know that is why, so I pray we find out soon.
Although nothing can be done or changed, for some reason I need a reason.
Life has a way of waking you up sometimes,
I miss every moment I have lost with some people that I have loved.
I laugh at alot of memories.  I am every moment of my life, so nothing is really gone.
My struggles and my hardships and some pretty amazing stuff are what has made me  who I am.
Sometimes I wonder just where we find that inner strength, does it refurbish itself,
or has it been God holding my hand along the way,
Maybe it has taken me awhile to notice.
Well those are some of my thoughts for today and I just asked myself
What does any of this have to do with the quotation?
I never said all the thoughts were all connected, but I did try to dot the i's and to cross the t's.
I wish you all the very best of days!


  1. May God continue to hold your hand, my friend.
    I look forward with you to October 30...and look forward to all your posts. You have a positive outlook...and it is contagious. Thank you for that!

  2. This is a wonderful post of what you were thinking of during your day. I do believe God guides you, gives you strength where you think you have none....have your best day ever......:-)Hugs

  3. Jackie you are so kind, I am glad it is contagious, Big Hug, c

    Bernie, I do believe he guides us too, YOU have your best day too. take care my friend.

  4. Oct 30 is not far away and you have a really good attitude. Good for you going it alone and taking a new a positive step.

    I hope the results about your Dad bring you some peace.

  5. Your blog is maturing and growing, reflecting your growth.

  6. i love you friend. god always holds the brightest light for me, when i lose my way. i love that.
    ps: since that friend you were telling me about, didn't respond.. you will have to send me your addy, so i can. love ya to pieces, friend.

  7. Cinner
    May you always find the strength and courage to deal with any obstacles that come your way.
    You are very strong!
    God is there to help you on your way ....I do believe that.

    Hope you get the results of the autopsy done on your dad soon ... 5 months is a long time!

    Hope your day is going well.
    It's sooooo cold and wintery here today ....BRRRR!

    Take care Cinner ...joy to you always!

    Margie :)

  8. Margie, You are such a love, I am glad I met you. Our weather is just gloomy, have hardly seen the sun in two weeks. Stay warm my friend, Take care!

    Oh Christina, you are a godsend, and I will. You are cherished my dear. I hope you are feeling better today. love you too. You are a treasure to so many of us. as you say one love.

  9. TechnoBabe, thankyou, hope you are well, by to visit you soon. take care.

    Liss thanks, I love what you helped Kim do with her blog header. It looks awesome. Take care for now.


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