Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Blanket of Leaves!

This picture was taken earlier this fall,but I kid you not,
We have just as many out there again.
Before I started feeling sick yesterday,, we spent some time out in the yard,
My husband was cleaning eavestrouphs, I did a little bit of raking,
then we would sit and enjoy another cup of hot coffee.
Then we got all the water out of our small pond,
I say we but I really was playing supervisor at that point,
humouring him so he would not be outside alone!
There is still more to do today,
This should be the last of the leaves!
They are alot of work, but I love them,
I love the crunch under your feet,
I love the yellow colors,
I love the older area of the city because of the trees!
And in Spring they will reapear, and then in fall,
we will do this all over again!
love it,
love the day,
A family that works together, plays together!
May you have a day filled with fun and laughter,
no matter what you do!

If you can spare a blanket, hat, mits, scarves,
please donate to the homeless shelters!
May they have more than a blanket of leaves
to keep them warm!


  1. We gathered some winter wear last week, and donated it. It gets so bitterly cold here, in the winter.
    So glad to have stopped over, at your place.

  2. Hello Cinner, the leaves at this time make everything look so beautiful! I do hope you are feeling better soon, and yes donations are being put into bags this evening! Sorry to hear you can not get on my blog, thats a shame I do miss you! I wonder if anybody is having the same blogger problems! Have a lovely Sunday!!


    I could feel and smell the leaves - and I chuckled out loud about how you are the supervisor and that the "we" is mostly your husband. Same is true here. :-)
    My husbands work does a "coat drive" every Winter - we are very active in it so yes, folks need to remember and give generously so others can be warm.

    Love you girl

  4. You're the sweetest ever, Cinner! Hugs to you!
    We have tons of oak leaves to be raked in our garden, but it is still raining cats and dogs... a wonderful yellow and brown blanket graces the lawn though...
    Have a great evening, hope you are feeling better.

  5. beautiful shot and a wonderful suggestion. also, they always need clean socks. a big demand item at the shelters.

  6. The leaves and the photograph are beautiful.
    I love this time of the year!
    I hope that you continue to take care of you...get to feeling better.
    Many hugs,

  7. that is a lovely carpet of leaves...rake them up and down more come!

  8. Lovely photo, I have donated mitts, scarves and hats to our group who provide for the homeless....seems to little when there are so many lady donatated over 100 hats as she knits constantly all year round, it does my heart good to see someone like her do this with so much love and kindness...Hugs

  9. You girlfriend, you! Are you feeling any better? Hugs & Love to you.

  10. Beautiful the bright colored me a warm fuzzy feel!
    A great reminder about the shelters! Thanks!

  11. Dreamed of you again last night...but this time it was on the phone...and I'd ask you a question and you wouldn't say anything. I asked you, "Are you mad at me?"

    You laughed, "Of course not, but I'm trying to break you of the habit of going to others for information when you already have it buried inside. I want you to learn to trust yourself as much as we trust you."

    Gawd, Cinner...thanks.

  12. hello , sister, how we can be so alike but so different, not a tree in my yard and i am happy to not have rake at all. You stole my saying. lol A Family that works together plays together. I still say that all the time to the boys and i believe it so much. The work goes twice as fast then we can all enjoy play time. love you have a great day.

  13. this photo makes me want to gather up a pile of leaves and just roll around like a little kid.

    wonderful capture Cinner.


  14. SELAH, Hi everytime I see a pile of leaves I want to jump right in. Our neighbors daughter was doing that yesterday. We raked ours all up, I think for the last time. lol

    Penquin, I never stole your saying, I just learned it from you. lol, hope your day is better than mine, this is day 4 of the flu. uggh. So I am thinking of you having fun.

    Holly, that is funny, I can see myself saying these things though. Maybe you want to be a detective when you gorw up, so you were practising your skills. lol. I dreamt one night I was Cher up on stage singing, it was a crowded house, and when I woke up I thought why can't I remember what I was wearing, It must have been something by Bob Makey. lol.
    Take care. hope you are well.

    Cora, thats what we need everyday, a warm fuzzy feel. Be well.

    Bernie, that is wonderful, and the lady that makes over one hundred hats, bless her heart. I have a friend that makes scarves all year. I hope you had a great weekend. I will catch up when I am feeling better. Take care.

    Elk, I think this is the last of them. We must of had altogether 30 big bags, old neighborhood lots and lots of trees, love them though.

    Jackie me too, thanks for the invite! will be there when I am over this flu. Big hugs.

    Monica, we raked ours all up, now it looks like I am ready for winter, hope the rain stops so you can get yours done. lol if it means your inside then I know your creating, you should be running Santas workshop, you are always so organized. Big hug. take care.

    Char thats right why do I always forget socks, just because I don't like to wear them. Take well.

    Gail, I had to laugh, I can tell you understand that at your house to. I think daily I am brushing up on my Supervisory qualifications. lol. Hope you are well, I am slowly getting over this flu bug. Take care.

    Hi Claire, I know a few other people were complaining too. I called my cableguy, and they are sending me a new modem in the mail, so hoping it will work after that. I have my fingers and toes crossed. lol. that's a vision!Take care.

    Christina, thanks for stopping by, The winters are brutal here, so we donate as well.It seems everyone is doing it which makes my heart sing. Take care, Be well.


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