Monday, February 1, 2010

Embrace the Day!

You know sunrises are filled with hope,
new promises for a new day,
new outlooks,
new ideas,
new peace,
renewed strength,
new joys,
new blessings,
more moments,
Today I choose to be 
Happy vs. sad
Life really is a present,
I hope you embrace your day
with open arms.
Life owes me nothing,
But I owe my life everything!


  1. Great post and the photo took my breath away... thankfully I am breathing again now though ;0)

  2. ED Thanks, I am glad your breathing again. lol. take care.

  3. I too will embrace this day and face it with enthusiasm and joy!!! Your photo is wonderful. I just love sunrises!! You are so right...each day is a gift.

  4. even with a sick dog last night and little sleep, I'm embracing the day...oh yes, I am !

  5. Perfect picture today. When we opened the curtains in the front room today, there was a humongous orange ball so bright I needed sunglasses!! Wonderful sunrise. You and I seem to agree on the things we so appreciate that nature provides to us.

  6. ~beautiful, and it's so nice to see the sun..elsewhere. it's been cold and grey down here for days.

    your blog looks lovely too!

  7. What a beautiful photo cinner....have a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

  8. Beautiful sunset Cinner.... and beautifully said. We should embrace each day to the fullest!

  9. yes, me too. i will embrace this day, and be lucky to see this day.

  10. Beautiful!! Days almost over but I try to embrace everyday!

  11. happy february...a wonderful way to "see" it!

  12. Oh, gorgeous sunrise!
    Such a nice post!

    Have a wonderful and peaceful day!


  13. Such a beautiful sunrise filled with hope... you're quite right, we have to embrace life!!!

  14. Cool pic - Cinner - you are one of the good ones, I tell ya!
    Life owes us nothing. True dat!

  15. beautiful. yes, every sunrise is a new beginning. i'll choose happy today too *grin*

  16. Shadow, nice to see you, thankyou...every sunrise always new hope, what a nice grin you have. lol

    Anne, ah we are too peas in a pod,,,,just my pod is bigger than yours, large and in charge baby....oh what a bunch of b.s. I want to be in your pod. I just have to work hardeer.big hug.

    Monica, I love that your profile pic is your little snowbaby, she is my favorite~ I think both of us embrace our lives, can you imagine me either. Take care. Be well.

    Margie, thanks for visiting. I am so glad you are back in blog land. Have a great day.

    Elk, happy February to you to...Yesterday I noticed how much longer it was staying light..lets just say I was a happy little chickadee. Have a great day.

    Gayle, I knew you must, you love your little grandson so much. I can tell you must be a fabulous Grandma. When there are children around, your days just seem more wonderful don't they. take care.

    Christina, every word from you just oozes beauty. pink is a great color for you. love you my friend. Have a great day.

    Cora, it was a sunrise, sometimes they can be pretty much the same. embrace your day. by to visit you in the morning. Big hug.

  17. Bernie, I hope you have a great day Bernie, it is warming up so we are happy girls right! have a great day.

    Amy, thanks for coming by, you know the sun does not seem to stay long, but at least it is here. Congratulations aagain to you...did you make your blog header because it is really day I will learn. Take care, by to visit you soon.

    TechnoBabe, really that would have been amazing. I wear sunglasses all winter up here because if the sun shines and with all the snow, the glare off of the snow just about blinds me. We do have similar likes for sure! have a great day, I HOPE you had a fabulous birthday.

    Iasa, thanks, I hope you have a great day.

    Beth sorry to hear your doggie was sick, I know you embrace dogs tonight on the hour they are terrorizing the once again I am up in the middle of the night. Have a fabulous day. Big hug.

    SueAnn, you do embrace your have been keeping awfully busy in your art. I am loving that huge mirror you are making. Have a fab day my friend.


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