Sunday, February 28, 2010

It is March!

Happy Monday Morning!
I am writing this in the evening because busy day for me in the morning,
I don't know what happened to February
other than I have immersed myself into the Olympics,
which in our Country brought out the spirit of being a Canadian.
I loved watching all the athletes, Congratulations to the U.S.A. for winning the most medals.
Very impressive, I did watch the hockey game and yes I was happy with the ending, but let's admit
it could have gone either way.  I did feel bad for the U.S.A. Team as they were so sad. I said to my husband, I am sure they are happy with the Silver, but to be so sad,,,,anyone I thought it was going to be the Debate of the Weekend,  The weekend was so busy for me anyways, running to the bank, going for groceries. I did have a fall there because something fell out of my cart and startled me, Because I am weak after that, then we had to get home, Sunday my husband took his sister to the medi center, but there were so many people in line they did not stay,  So Mr Hubby gets home, decides he is going to fix my front door and he pulls out a grinder to sand down part of the frame,Picture Tim Allen of Home Improvement,,,,,,I am sorry but I closed my eyes, and said a silent prayer, Please God, don't let him hurt himself. Please also let him tape some plastic so the porch will have all the dust in it, and that the rest of the house stay clean...Mr. Hubby says, oh no it won't make too much of a mess because it is only going to take five minutes,,,,,,I have seen this five minutes before, now keep in mind I still have things on a list from twelve years ago.....I am not kidding.. I said some plastic has to go up. none to go up and he wanted to watch the game and why was I being difficult....I said to him I did not ask you to do this during the game...Note to self...this turned into the deep debate,,,so I am cleaning this week, Anyway it all worked out other than the extra work for me, but if that is all I have to complain about, all is well. I am feeling very motivated from all this Olympic watching, so who knows I think I  can tuurn it up a notch in the morning., So as a last thought May we all find peace and Embrace our days and Be the Best we can be Whatever Obstacles We Face. Our obstacles are just a test to help us be better people.!


  1. Your final sentence is lovely, a great way to end your post. Happy March to you Ms Cinner. I hope it is a great month in the Cinner household :0)

  2. ED, thanks, the Cinner household can be a little chaotic any time of the year, hope you are well, gotta get around and check to see how all my buddies have been doing. take care my friend. I always enjoy you coming by.

  3. Cindy...plastic. What would we do without it...and why won't the hubbies use it....sigh.
    So glad to see that you are making the best of all situations...
    I'm sorry that you fell today, my friend. That does hurt me...
    Would you accept an extra hug today...just because... Yes...because you are such a fighter with a brave spirit and a tremendous outlook on life. I should take notice....
    Smiles and love to you my friend.

  4. Aw sweetie! I am so sorry that you fell! And no plastic?? Even with plastic is bad enough! Men!!!!! Gotta love 'em! Love your attitude dearest one. I applaud your courage!
    PS I so enjoyed the Olympics this year...I am exhausted! LOL!

  5. i only managed to watch bits of the olympics this year. but my kids really enjoyed it.

  6. Cinner - it's not about the number of medals -
    Like it's not about the numbers on the scale.
    It's the Spirit of the Games!
    That plastic story is funny - typical.
    I built a house once, and it was a mess and a half!
    Stay well and safe and sound today!

  7. Hello sister, great post. Hope you have a great day. It is going to be beautiful outside.Can't wait to see you soon.
    luv u.

  8. LOL...I think about my hubby and his house projects...he once decided he wanted to take all the carpet off the stair and make pretty woods stairs. LOL...4 months after the carpet was ripped up he decided it was time to call someone to finish the job!

    Anyway, your comment on my blog brought tears to my eyes. You are an angel! Your words meant so much. xoxo

    P.S. I watched the hockey game that was good. Totally glad Canada won...I mean, something would just not be right with this world if we took the gold. Seriously! :)

  9. congrats on the great win - it was a very hard fought game.

    i remember these debates with hubby, now i only have myself to blame if something doesn't get done.

  10. Men never listen to us...LOL...and they know we are always right...right? hehe

    Your last statement says it all!
    Smiles and hugs :)

  11. Hi Cinner
    Sorry to hear about your fall and hope you are feeling ok today.
    I never did get to watch the hockey game but congrats to Canada on the gold medal and also to the US for winning the silver, two great countries that did so well!

    Peace to you this 1st day of March.


  12. Happy March first, dear Cinner!! You are a good example to the rest of us wives to keep our mouths closed when the hubby is fixing something. Smile.

  13. yes, we watched the hockey game and wished both teams could have gotten gold. sigh. i adore the winter olympics.
    hope you're okay, after that grocery store trip.
    i send you love and blessings.

  14. A beautiful March to you my friend and with this beautiful weather we are having it is off to a great start.
    Hope you are okay after your fall, scary not to know when this can happen to you.
    The hockey game was exciting, I'm sure my sister in Scotland heard me screaming and cheering, both are excellent teams and either one could of glad it was Canada.
    .......:-) Hugs

  15. Bernie, I am so glad it is March, even if we get a huge dump of snow it will probably melt some now..I am sure your sister could hear you, it really was a great game. Glad you had a good weekend....I thought today felt a little strange with all the enthusiasm of the Olympics sort of over...but it was fun. Hugs to you Bern, it is supposed to be lovely all week.

    Christina, yes it could have been great imagine both teams with gold, but then I guess that is why it is competitive sports. lol. Yes I am okay today, it always takes about a day after, don't know why, so came home and had to have a nap....lord I spend so much time in bed getting my beauty rest....I should start seeing improvements soon. lol. hugs to you my friend. Loves and hugs back.

    Oh TechnoBabe, I had a few choice words today, so I don't know if I would be a good example or not....IT Was that real fine dust that just seemed to float and settle on everything. I did one room today, oh well I guess I will get my house cleaning done how was your day. take care, thanks always for your kind words.

    Margie, yes it could not have been two better countries, had everyone screeching in this house for sure. I am so glad March is here, the sun shone all day today, which kept me smiling. Take care.

    Cora, they never listen, when he phoned from work on his way home, he asked if I would like anything, I said yes, when you come in the house, I need you to ooo and aww at how much better the front porch looks...He laughed and said he had cleaned it after the game, I told him if he thought it was clean, he obviously drank too many beer watching the game...Thank gosh we have laughter and great senses of humor, but when I get tired,,,one of these days it is not going to be, I am kidding. hope you are well.

    Char, he really tries hard but we could never work together, does that sound bad, we think so differently sometimes....And I can definately understand what your saying. Take care, nice to hear from you.

    Caroline, I am glad I helped honey. I think you and I could bond over these husbands of ours. 4 months to call a guy to fix them....oh yes I understand....I know we love them, my hubby will just look at me, and the next thing we are laughing. lord love a duck.Hugs to you. take care.

  16. Penquin, even though in my venting today you would not believe it but so am I. you know me about getting me out of the house and you.

    Anne, where did you get so smart, no it is not about the numbers, but the spirit and same with the health improvement....I swear Anne sometime I just want to be in a little apartment, can imagine the mess of going through building. Take care , hope you are well, I am so glad we are into March.

    Kamana, this was the first year that I took such an extreme interest in it, I mean I have watched before....but this was different, course my hubby is a huge sport fan, he has already signed up for seniors ball again, and every game he comes home with another ache or pain, but always has such a wonderful time. lol.

    SueAnn, me too, I just feel exhausted lol, must of been all that excitement screaming too win, it sure was not because I was exercising, one ride down one of the mountains, I would be done for sure. Take care my friend, it is always a pleasure having you visit me.

    Jackie, I would never refuse a hug, I am just fine today, I just get really tired when I am startled like that, it is like a short circuit and down I go because I don't expect it. That is why so much of my time is spent sitting down. Jackie you have a great outlook on life. How have you been. Love to you,


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