Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The thoughts in My Head.

It is Spring and slowly the water thaws,
the sun and wind and warmer days turn frozen ice
into running waters,
The days of winter seem to have taken it's toll,
I had felt so tired and now I feel a renewed strength.
The visiting with family and friends,
I am glad I took the extra step to step outside my shell,
I am so very grateful that things all went well..
The thawing of hearts and the thawing of ice seems to be the same,
with sun and warmth and ones embrace,
true love is what remains.
Please never let my heart be cold,
let me hug my mother when she needs me,
Let me make her laugh when she cries,
Let me be silent when she irritates me,
Let me be there as she grows old.
I am so very grateful  to feel,
can you imagine never discovering your feelings,
never having really lived,,
or never having really done your all
to discover who you are.
A hello and a promise to come and visit you all in the next few days.
I feel as if I have missed so much, I hope you are all well my friends.


  1. I too am glad your visit went well...! Feelings are an integral part of who we are...embrace them!
    Drink in the spring air and be refreshed!
    Hugging you

  2. I cannot imagine not feeling or not getting in touch with my feelings. I have to be honest with myself first and then I am living an honest life. I like what you say about being around your mother.

  3. a song that i love says "id rather hurt than feel nothing at all" and I couldn't agree more....

  4. Feelings are meant to be dealt with.....good and bad. Sometimes its tough and sometimes we grow from it.
    You were missed...glad you are back!

  5. Hi Cinner
    I loved that you are there for your mother!
    That is very special!
    You are a very loving daughter.

    Nice post, Cinner.

    Margie :)

  6. Love the photo & your words cinner.... so true...

  7. I cannot imagine how anyone could go through life without acknowledging their feelings and me it is a must. If one does nothing else they should always be honest with themself.
    I am so happy you had such a great time with your family.....:-) Hugs

  8. Very nice post Cinner... and welcome back - You have been missed :0)

  9. We missed you too, Cinner!!!!


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