Monday, April 5, 2010

Beckoning Walls.

still left standing,
both doors now gone,
what stories must linger in these walls,
An old barn,
though its color has faded,
it still stands strong,
Is it abandoned,
or does it stand regal in all its glory.
Why is it I would rather see an old building,
than to take a picture of a new one.
I find them hauntingly beautiful,
with a history, forgotten stories,
If only these walls could talk.
I wonder what we could learn?
Maybe I have not been listening.
I will have to pay another visit, when next time I return.
Take time to see the beauty all around you.
I hope you all have your very best day.


  1. I know what you mean about old buildings. They have seen so much and they have been part of so much.

  2. Next time you must go in and see what it has to say! I bet tons and tons. I too love old buildings. They have such character.

  3. the same reason I love them....they have a soul !

  4. We had an old house and barn on our property when we bought it and I can't find one picture of the them. I love old things too!!

  5. Great photos - old barns or buildings have so much character compared to the new ones. Well done my friend........:-) Hugs

  6. yes, these old buildings do call to us. Perhaps it is a curiosity of a time long past. Living in a wooden shell like that. What stories would it tell if it could talk to us. wonderful post Cinner.


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