Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Comes Our Way Again.

Last month when I was out in B.C. at my nephews,
This was one of the birds I got a nice shot of.
I have no idea the name of the bird,
but I was delighted by the bright colors.
This weekend in my yard,
I had Robins, Blue Jays, Chickadees,
Barn Swallows and Song Birds.
It really was a lovely morning drinking coffee,
listening to all the noise,
and watching them dip and dive.
Lets put it this way,
some were very glad to see each other....
Oh the joys of Spring,
I was a bit off, but think I got too much sun,
We barbecued and I did have the best Steak 
I have had in a while
So for now I am on  my way to bed.
I had watched the movie Beloved
with Oprah,
I found it left a saddness in my heart.
Have any of you seen it.
What a movie!
my wish for you this Monday,
is energy to start your week,
an appreciation of others,
a lingering moment of enjoyment,
and many many laughs today.
May you see past the many rushing moments of your day.
Hope, love and understanding!
It could be your Best Day Ever.



  1. Hi sweetie..I am not sure who that bird is either. I am glad you had a wonderful day and also glad you are enjoying my WIP. Love your blog template..(wink; wink)! Doesn't bother me in the least.
    Love you

  2. Hope it is your best day ever!

  3. Barbecues will have to wait until ext spring for me all thought the weather has been 27 degrees here.

    Take it easy and enjoy your Monday.

  4. Cinner, the book is awesome too...Toni Morrison.

    Spring has definitely sprung...the birds are out and about with joy.

    Hope you are enjoying your day. one love.

  5. I see you embracing life each and everyday Cindy...I love it! Take care my dear!

  6. I need more energy these days too. Hope you get energized and me too!

  7. TechnoBabe, I wish we could bottle us up some energy. I have been getting lots of fresh is praying for both of us. take care.

    Cora, hi glad you stopped by, there is no use crying in my soup. lol, I have been meaning to get by for a visit and catch up.hugs to you.

    Se'lah I will have to read the book, I missed the very beginning. I have decided I just love Spring. Hope all is well with you. one love,

    Liss I thought about your elephant photo all day today, every time I see your work I wish I had your eye and a new camera. lol. Hey I was wondering did you get your new vehicle, or did I blink and miss that. Take care.

    Anne, hope you have a great day too.

    SueAnn, oh thanks, I would not be able to do such a huge project like yours. I am very intrigued by it. Praying for good weather for you while you get it done. take care. hugs.


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