Friday, April 16, 2010

My day went to the Birds.

Have you Ever had one of those Days?
Well I did today......
And I think I have lost my mind.
Now to give some perspective, I am an animal lover,
people say I treat my pets like children....
I don't see it quite that bad,
until today.
so to make a long story short,
My little birdie Chip is no longer with us.
He was just fine yesterday and this morning well he was not.
My sister phoned just as I had found Chippie,
and I really believe she thought I had lost it.
She looked up lifespan on the internet
and she was telling me he lived his lifespan,
Now this is the thing, I never wanted a bird,
but my neighbor had one and he and his wife split up and neither of them wanted the bird,
so would I take him.
O f course, well turns out Chip was great company,
whistles at me when I was in the kitchen,
Occasionally would say hello.
and if you listened real clear you could make out
What ja doing.
I would turn the music on and he would dance,
I would put him on the back of the couch at one end.
And I would sit at the other and I would say run run,
and he would all the way up my arm.
When I would sit and try to play the keyboard,
he would sit and follow the keys, very curious about the sound.
In the summer at about 5 in the morning I would hear him chirping away listening to the other birds outside,
and we would sit outside together sitting in the sun, and other birds would come and check out this strange noise from little Chippie.
And when company would come and stay, all the kids loved to play with Chip,
and the adults were always, Are you going to cover the bird so we can sleep in.
What you don't want to be awake at five in the morning.
Anyway I had him for almost eight or nine years.
Could I picture myself crying over a bird,
No not before today.
So after all this commotion this morning
I did go and sit outside, the sun was beaming,
the birds were chirping, I had robins and bluejays and chickadees
all in my yard today,
some barn swallows, the pigeons from next door,
and I have decided this that from now on
I will enjoy the birds outdoors,
but I don't want to get attached again.
This thought occurred to me today,
Maybe I should of had a parrott,
They can live up to  eighty plus years.
Anyway enjoy your weekend.
I will be in the yard with my husband,
sipping cofee, holding hands,
reading the paper, it is going to be pretty low key,
but it will be perfect and hopefully
they will be my Best Days Ever.


  1. so sorry you lost your little friend. ((hugs))

  2. So sorry to hear about your little bird, pets are like family and it is always so hard when one passes on......enjoy our beautiful weather this weekend, and it was so nice out today, I am so glad you were able to enjoy it....Hugs

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry...It is amazing how attached we become to our pets...I can totally understand why you cry!!! I haven't wanted to replace our dog, and he died 7 years ago...I still miss him...So, I'm sending you big HUGS!!! And wishes for a wonderful weekend! Love, Janine XO

    P.S. You look so lovely in this picture!!! XO

  4. Dear sister first of all i didn't think you were crazy at all. I told would of being crying too, and i had to look up there lifespan as then it even made me feel better knowing that he lived a long life. And with you it was a long happy life. Love you and will talk soon, Chip is probably sitting on Dads shoulder and they are looking down at you.

  5. Oh Cinner, I am sorry to hear about your friend, what a wee character! I was thinking of getting a wee birdie, but I would be afraid of getting too attached myself, the birds outside are wonderful too! I hope you are ok Cinner! i am going to look at your artwork now, it is something I have being meaning to do for a while! ((hugs))

  6. I am so sorry for your loss of Chip. How could you not cry after so many years together?
    I take it your cat may be missing Chip as well!

  7. hopefully they are your best days. sorry to hear about your bird. smiles.

  8. The photo represents a lovely friendship, Cinner...sorry for the loss of it. As children, my sisters and I had a parakeet, he learned to copy my mother with his "Girls" "Girls" "Girls"!

  9. Sorry Cinner...any animal that is part of our lives if family as far as I am concerned. And you are right to mourn. He was beautiful and filled your days with joy and music. Great picture of you and kitty. Looks like Kitty is saying "Does she want me to eat him or lick him?" LOL!!!
    Hugging you dearest one

  10. SueAnn Oh you made me laugh, I had that kitty really tight, cause you just never knew. lol. hugging you right back.

    Wanda, it is funny how they mimick things for sure, that would have been really cute...sounds just like a Mom too....girls, girls,girls. Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate them.

    Brian, thanks....I am sure they will be good days. Any day the sun shines is a good one. take care.

    Violet Sky, oh yes, really the cat and bird were good friends. the bird was up on the tv stand and the cat would sit on the floor watching him. often referred to as Sylvester and tweety...My sister thinks I am like that little old lady...LOL....THANKS for your kind words. have a great weekend.

    Claire, your such a sweetheart, yes I am okay now, I don't think I will get another bird, not after this...I always wanted to foster children, but I knew what a hard time I would have because I get so attached, so instead I am super Aunt. lol. glad your going to check out my artwork. thanks. have a good weekend.

    Penquin, well I was good until I got to the last line....Dad is probably saying where the heck are my bird feeders, get them put out at the farm. Love you talk to you in the morning.

    Janine, oh that has to be hard too...after seven years...My Dads dog is still on the farm, Dad has been gone almost a year, when we went to the farm he sat on the back of our truck. the truck was the same as my Dads. I really think he thought he had come home. Big hugs back to you. I am glad our paths have crossed. have agreat weekend.

    Bernie, thanks, it is supposed to be 24 here today. I will have to dig out some shorts. Its a vision, the top half of me always tans, the bottom half, white as a ghost. Have a great day and enjoy. Has your friend come back yet. hugs.

    Lois, thanks it is a few years old. I am feeling better now. take care.

    Char, thank you for your kind words...and the hug, right back at you. are you feeling better. Have a good weekend.

  11. Gail, thanks, love you too. have a great day my friend.

  12. ohhhh cincy....i'm so sorry your feathered baby is gone.....

  13. Sweet story, Cinner.

  14. Sorry to hear about Chip, he was such a cutie! Enjoy the birds outside like the men in your family, imagine Chip is out there flying around with them.

  15. Oh I am so sorry about your little one!! We do get attached to our pets!!

  16. I am sad to hear your bad news. Budgies are wonderful pets. I had one called Ollie. I taught him to play soccer with a little bell, he was such a great bird and was excellent company.

  17. awwww....poor Chip...and Cinner.

    He had his best life living with you.


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