Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Hello my friends, 
Well I had quite the time at the dentists
so here is my afternoon.
My Sister in Law was kind enough to take me
as I can not drive due to the Cataplexy.
So we get there, I am early,
If anyone really knows me I always am early,
love it that way.
So I sat in the office, my sil went shopping and looking around.
In the meantime, customer 1 is all upset because they overcharged,
they explained everything, the receptionist was very calm with him,
Well he wanted to see the manager,
she was the other lady at the desk,
She proceeds to tell the customer,
she is not wasting another moment on him,
and then she asks him to leave.
Of course I am thinking what a day, not very calm in here at all.
Patient number 2 comes out, he goes to pay his bill,
which he thought was 162 dollars,
But oh no there was an additional 
charge of over 400 dollars,
I swear I thought this man was going to come unglued.
And I am sitting there thinking,
Man I wonder what my bill is going to be!
So I finally get in the chair,
an xray is done and yes I am right it is chronically abscessed.
I said yes since Friday last week.
He says when would I like to get this fixed.
I said today would be awesome if he had time,
no not really he had a golfing date.
Well he could probably change his plans
because it should come out,
so the freezing went in,
The dentist comes n and says,
thats the upper right,
I look at him and I am thinking,
you better know it is the lower left molar.
then I realized he was kidding me.
Anyway ten minutes it was pulled,
and all was well again.
Other than I do have a whole in my mouth,
I swear is the  size of a pothole.
so that is it for me tonight,
I feel myself drifting off 
Remember to embrace your day
The above is a pic I drew on Paint
just so you can sorta see.
am liking this.
tale care/


  1. ack. getting a tooth pulled is no fun, but i hope now you are finding relief...

  2. I was hoping the dentist was kidding! (After the previous two patients came out complaing, I was beginning to worry about it.)
    Having the extraction will make you feel so much you already are.
    I didn't know if you drew the graphic at the beginning of the blog or not...and I'm glad that you told us that you did. I love it...the work...and the thoughts that went into each detail. Isn't drawing fun... You are good at it, Cindy.
    Take care of you....and know that I'm thinking of you.

  3. That would be upsetting to be expecting $162 bill and then be told it is $400. It would make me so nervous sitting there having to witness the two people prior to my appointment having problems with the charges. You didn't say you had any trouble like that so I hope you weren't shocked at the cost of the extraction. You will be feeling so much better now.

  4. Better watch your may go up after you leave!!!!!!!!!! Take care and don't get a dry socket!!
    Love the cute drawing!

  5. oh dear. dentists... no fun at all.

  6. Glad you have this issue settled, don't like to think of anyone in pain.....not sure I like their accounting though.
    Take care my friend.......:-) Hugs

  7. I am glad the dentist could stay awake long enough to do your oral surgery. And what a shame...had to push back his golf date! Don't ya just love it!
    Glad you are sleepy. Rest and don't over do.

  8. How are you feeling, Cindy. Just checking back in to make sure that all is well...

  9. Too funny (not the pain but your humor in it)! Great Pic to depict your adventure...Hope you are feeling better! Lovey


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