Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Me Aching........

The weather was beautiful here this weekend.
I had wanted to do so many things,
I did manage to go and order new glasses,
which I am very excited about.
They will not be ready for about two weeks.
I had been into the dentist last week to fix a chip,
no problem, I had a slight ache in my jaw
ever since. I woke us Saturday morning
and I know it has abscessed so hopefully 
I can get in and get that taken care of.
I had penicillan and pain killers here.
And ambesol, and mouthwash,
ice packs and warm cloths and
nothing seemed to help.
I was really trying not to complain too much.
My hubby took a picture of me
without me knowing and my side of my face was swollen,
and he said I am just letting you know, 
I think your  a little grumpy.
I looked at him and being a lady I bit my tongue so to speak,
and then proceeded to say, if you say one more thing
about me being grumpy you will find yourself up in
the tree swinging with those guys in my lilac tree.
He laughed, I laughed, and it looks like the guys in
the tree were pretty happy too.
So until I get fixed up with this,
I might be away from here for a few days
I don't know if you all know
from Cottage Garden Studios.
She is a wonderfully talented lady.
Monday is the first day of her e-course
Let Fly.
I was supposed to take it, but now that I am sick
and have previous obligations.
So my plan is for the fall,
when she has another one.
You may want to check out her site,
and who knows maybe you can still get into this class.
I wish her the very best and every success.
So as my medicine is kicking in,
I better stop or who knows what I could say,
If you see me sitting up in the tree
sucking my thumb with those little happy guys,
one of two things has happened,
either my medicine is working too well,
not at all.
I am grateful for so many things,
but not this tooth that need to come out.
I am grateful my dentist is a nice young man
that probably won't mind the odd scream.
Okay say it, I am such a baby when it comes to the dentist.
I will be back as soon as I can!
I hope he will at least give me a balloon.
Have a great Monday morning,
nothing like  a really bad tooth to let you know
your alive and kicking,
It sures beats the alternative.
take care and be well
I will visit your blogs 
when I can.


  1. i hope your tooth is not hurting too bad. had one of those and had to get it pulled a few years back...cute guys in your trees. have a wonderful monday. smiles.

  2. oh cinner I went through this last Fall and it was horrible but then I wasn't able to deal with the antibiotics very well, perhaps you will do better than I did, remember I ended up going into hospital and having IV's......on a happier note, our weather has been so beautiful, don't you just love it....:-)Hugs

  3. The good thing about having the tooth pulled is the instant the tooth is out, the pain stops. At least that was my experience. I am so sorry you are feeling that pain now though. It is horrible.

  4. *sigh*
    sthuffering sthukkotash!

  5. So sorry about your tooth. I hope today you are getting it taken care of and you are on your road to recovery. And that you got your balloon!!

  6. Mizz Cinner, I wish you a swift recovery!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  7. Oh, Cinner...that's terrible...I hope you recover very soon, and that your dentist gently puts you back on track! Love those little guys in the tree! Hopefully, they will continue to make you smile! Love, Janine XO

  8. Janine, it is really bad tonight, I go at 330 to see what they can do. have a great day and thanks for your well wishes. take care.

    kyddryn Thank you, take care. Hope you guys are having fun.

    SueAnn, they cancelled it until today, so still suffering with it, goes all the way up in the ear. I just wanted to do some art today, but was too grumpy to be any good. take care. hope you are well.

    Anne, you made me laugh, did you find your camera....thanks

    TechnoBabe, that is what I am hoping for today, just get it out....I go to my Moms next week and I don't want to have any trouble with it. take care. thanks for your kindness.

    Bernie, well it must have been a horrible experience. I had a couple hours today where I could not feel it. I sure do right now, that is why I am up, get to see the dentist at 330. the weather has just been fantastic it seems early for temps like this. take care.

    Thanks Brian, years ago I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at once, I do not remember being in the pain I am in now, I see the dentist at 330 today. I am hoping by 400 that I will feel much better. take care. have a great day.


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