Thursday, May 20, 2010

Up On the Roof.

Such beauty in an old roof,
the wood once painted
bright brown red.
as little kids we looked up at the roof,
on the back attached was a little old shed.
Beside was a big old tree,
and if we could grab the branch,
and swing our  legs.
Up on the old garage roof we would be.
We would sit and tell stories hoping to never get caught,
Because we all knew, we were supposed to be up there, not.
So we would take turns as a lookout,
And if we saw the adults  coming back from their work,
we would jump down into the trees and that is where we would lurk.
I remember many a skinned hand or knee,
somehow it was always harder getting down than going up a tree.
The old roof still stands on the farm today,
Some would say knock it down,
But I would say, Please let it stay!
I hope you see the beauty in everything around you.
Have a fabulous day.
Take care.


  1. I think the moss growing on the shingles of this roof would be slippery and the roof is slanted. Like you, when I was a kid I was climbing everywhere and into as much as possible.

  2. Very beautiful poem Cinner...I would say let it stay too.
    I realized in a comment you left me, that I should label the people. Nathan is a grandson, I forget everyone may not know all 9 of them!
    Thank you for your visit!

  3. that is awesome. first i love old houses, second getting ont eh roof as a kid, oh yeah. and last, seeing the beauty all around us, i really dig that. smiles.

    hope you had a great day!

  4. cinner, this is your best post ever.....I love this roof and the old building.....Have a great weekend.......:-) Hugs

  5. This roof is beautiful! And such a sweet poem Cinner! You have a fabulous weekend yourself!!
    Hugging you

  6. Hello sister, funny thru the years i have thought of that same spot i remember sitting back behing the old garage and thinking that roof was so high. Now when you see it, it all seems so small. That is a great picture.

  7. What a beautiful memory, Cinner...and you have turned it into a lovely poem...very like Robert Frost! I love it. And the photo is awesome!!! Love you, Janine XO

  8. what a great roof !
    i climbed up on a roof as a child, jumped off, got caught on a nail and broke a window while jumping more roofs for me after that !


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