Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Scenery!

Oh how I long to go again,
and very soon we will.
We  will be so in awe of all it's beauty.
I wish I could describe the smell of the cold water,
the river running at a fast speed,
the eagles that fly over the water.
the reflections in the water.
The smell of the trees and all its plants and wild flowers,
It is a haven for artists, brilliant artists that capture the surrounding beauty,
The respect and gratitude for the gift we can so often enjoy.
I have felt in my heart for a few weeks the need to go where it is so solitude,
where sun shines and warms you, the snow on the tops of the mountains,
beckoning the rock climbers and hikers, they are so dedicated to thier sport,
So as they go up the mountains with their equipment,
I too have mine,
canvas, paints, brushes,
my cane so I can walk and find the perfect spot to paint.
I am so blessed that I get this opportunity.
It rejeuvenates the spirit,
puts perspective in my life.
The next time hubby has four or five days off,
that is where we are headed,
and it can not be soon enough.
Have a wonderful weekend, may all your dreams come true.
Enjoy your fathers day weekend,
Smile an be kind,
for we don't know what the other person has faced today,
And just a simple smile might make all the difference.


  1. i hope you do get to go again soon...sounds like a wonderful place...and painting...nice. been a while since i painted with more than words...need to grab my watercolors next time i am home....

  2. That is a great picture. Serene. I can understand how being in a place like that would heal and rejuvenate you. Hope your husband gets a long weekend real soon so you and he can spend some time in this spot.

  3. that is a lovely post, I like all the positive vibes coming from it, have a beautiful week end Cinner, smiling back at you :-)

  4. Your photo is what I imagine Canada to be.

    "for we don't know what the other person has faced today,
    And just a simple smile might make all the difference." I love these words.
    The other day I was a the doctors and in the waiting area a man started talking to me. I am sure the other people waiting felt sorry for me but I listened and chatted to him and gave him my attention. I made him feel important even if only for 5 minutes and I am glad I did as I believe the nice simple things we do for strangers makes a difference.

  5. Oh I am right there with ya hon....getting out and walking around..heaven...the air, nature ahhhhhhh! Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  6. love how you described this - beautiful scenery

  7. There is no more beautiful place in the world than in the mountains, as we drive around each bend in the road only for our eyes to reflect on the tourquoise beautiful. I know how you feel and I hope you and your husband get to go very soon. My favorite time to go is the Fall......:-) Hugs

  8. Yes a smile does make all the difference. What a beautiful place you visit with your paint and brushes. Wonderful times I am sure!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. love the changes you have made here. and beautiful writing, as always.

  10. Oh, what a wonderful thing to be able to paint in the open air...I wish I could join you! Your world is so beautiful...and you describe it with exquisite poetry! Love the new look of your blog! So fresh and each to read! Love you, Janine XO

  11. It looks and sounds fabulous - I have my fingers crossed you go SOOOONNN

  12. What a beautiful scene. I could sit and stare all day. Hope you enjoy your weekend ;)

  13. What a gorgeous place! Makes you want to strip down and dive in! Well, providing it's warm.

  14. and honestly, a smile really can make all the difference !


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