Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hot sunny days, stormy nights, what amazing gifts.

It starts with the vanishing of the birds as in harmony they swoop from the boughs
It is with respect they depart from the wind, knowing its strength and damage
that can be done.
For a moment the whispering wind stretches over every branch,
lingering not even to touch,
and suddenly the sky has continued to darken,
the deafening boom of a thunderclap that  can be as wonderful as it is alarming,
More, more, again and again,
the rain pelts to the ground, harder and harder it comes,
forcing some of my plants to the ground,
they fight to stand, swaying back and forth,
They lay down as if to rest and lie in some semblance of safety,
The howl of the wind rather eerie,
The lights in the sky a reminder to be inside,
and wait out the storm,
As suddenly as it arrived, that was as sudden as it departed.
the sun returned for a short while, the freshness as I opened the back door
was as beautiful as walking into a perfume area in a mall,
You could smell the rain, the flowers, the air,
As I walked onto the patio,
a couple of birds flew past me,
up into the trees,
It was like they came home.
I sat in a chair after wiping it dry,
I leaned back, a breeze blew past me
and the remnants of the rain
fell from the raindrops that were still a blanket in the trees.
The coolness hit my face, landed on my hair,
soon my clothes were damp,
I laughed,
It was the most beautiful storm from the beginning to the end,
Because I was present, I was thankful, I appreciated this gift.
and I am so excited for life just keeps bringing them
For every difficulty in life we are gifted with an opportunity,
and with every opportunity we learn to handle life differently.
I will delve into this one day,
For right now I hope you all choose to love yourself and others.
and in everything you do try to have your very Best Day Ever,


  1. What a beautiful and lyrical description of a summer storm. I could taste the raindrops on my tongue and feel the cool, damp breezes in my hair.
    I will "try" to have my best day ever!!!
    Thanks hun
    You too!!

  2. nice. this summer had produced some wicked storms of amazing power. this is th efirst year we have had so many trees go down in our neighborhood...probably double digits honestly...

  3. Like Brian mentioned, trees broken off and then removed completely. Some of that here in this neighborhood too. Huge trees. Gone. The wind is so fierce that people can't leave any furniture out or trash cans, they end up a couple blocks away!

  4. there is something so life affirming about sitting and watching a storm.

    glad you're safe

  5. You certainly had a very nice day, Cinner! Wish you lots more!


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