Monday, June 14, 2010

It is what it Is!

This used to be my plant,
It sat in a west window and would bloom and bloom,
Then one day I put it into another bigger pot,
and 2, 3, 4 years went by and it never bloomed again,
So I gave it to my older sister ,
and it sits in a west window and 
one year later it bloomed,
and continues to bloom and bloom.
And I get to see this when I visit.,
And it makes her happy that it is doing so good for her.
So I guess the moral of the story,
is that sometimes you don't need a bigger pot,
that if things are good as they are,
no need to be looking for greener pastures.
And this brings me to my grateful list.
I am grateful that the plant continues to bloom, I am grateful that it continues to be a joke between us,
I am grateful that with age comes some wisdom about life, I am grateful that I know I need not understand
everything, I am grateful that I want for nothing, I am grateful that I know my life is blessed,
I am grateful for being, and for right now, that is enough.


  1. What a lovely way to describe your feelings Cinner, I loved the comparisons to the plant. Very clever :)

  2. I am grateful that you are my friend...who is wise beyond her years and so special to me!!
    Love the hibiscus! I think that is what it is...anyway...beautiful. I am so glad it began blooming again. What a wonderful treat!

  3. some great wisdom there...this relates to my life in so many ways...just waiting to bloom again...

  4. Sometimes plants just don't get over the disruption of being transplanted. Kind of like us.

  5. "It is what it is" is one of my bosses favourite sayings. so I hear these words often.
    So true though often we try to make things better when they are already perfect.

    I am glad you get to still see you plant flowering and doing well.

  6. I am grateful too. Grateful for many many things in my life.

    Blessing to you this week my friend!

  7. I am grateful our paths crossed. You're so wonderfully inspiring, Cinner!

  8. Monica, your just a sweetheart, hope your hand is feeling it both that give you trouble.Hugs.

    Cora, same to you Cora...I think I need to get doing a list every day...I think I have the fathers day blues.

    Debra, hugs. Thank you.

    Liss, It is like me wondering what I will be when I grow up. That snuck up on me, so I just stay in the moment as much as I can. Glad your doing well, wondering how your new pet is doing.

    Brian, that is the thing, who knows maybe we are blooming already. lol.

    SueAnn, yes it is a was my pride and joy as far as plants go. I am really glad it blooms for her. I am glad your in my life too. hugs my friend.

    ED, your such a love, thank you. take care.

  9. TechnoBabe, boy that is the truth...sometimes I should be back in another kidding.

  10. Oh cinner, I don't know why but I have been having horrible luck with my plants the past couple of years.....I use to be able to grow anything, haven't done anything differently but I am not pleased with my plants at all. You sound so happy and I love knowing you feel this way........:-)Hugs

  11. This is beautiful, favorite color is red.
    I am grateful that your life is blessed, too.
    Hugs and many more blessings for you,


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