Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Odds & Sodds.

Happy Monday Morning,
the sun was out most of the weekend,
it was absolutely beautiful,
and warm enough that we put in our air conditioner.
What peace walking into a cool room.
It was so cool that my dog laid in the living room right in front of it.
He is sleeping sound.
Saturday Night we watched a movie on our local Global t.v. station
It was called Wide Awake
It showed about Narcolepsy and the struggles one has to face.
It showed the trouble with Cataplexy and Hallucinations.
It was the first movie I have seen that has really brought any knowledge to the public
about it,  And it was a suspense thriller.
I was glad, they talked about some of the drugs that are available,
the date rape drug. The one thing surprised me was that
she would inject herself with an needle to get a boost of adrenalin..
It is what they use if you have a real bad allergic reaction.
To me it was interesting to see how she was dealing with the cataplexy
which would cause the paralysis. Needles to say I am very glad I watched it.
Did anyone else see it and if so what did you think?
Update on the magpies, all has been quiet,
Thank Goodness.
We did have excitement today,
We leave the screen open for the cat,
So about six o'clock in she comes,
I am on the phone with my sister,
I scream because I was startled, 
and the next thing there is a little bird
flying around in the house,
My husband is trying to get the bird,
opened both the front and the back door,
and as he is doing this, the little bird is flying straight into the window,
not knowing it was a window, so as the bird is flying around
I think to myself how hilarious this is that these things happen to me,
My sister is still on the line going,
whats going on, your going to be fine, I know you can't talk to me,
I know Wain is with you, call me back when you can..
My husband is going it is just a little bird, he was trying to keep me calm.
The more he said anything the more I laughed, the more cataplexy, 
thank Gosh that the little birdie flew out safe and sound,
Wain closed the screen so the cat stayed in.
He cane to sit beside me and I was okay,
then I got the giggles because I was thinking of all this commotion,
The more I laughed the more cataplexy I would have.
The good thing is that I had been sitting down the whole time,
so I would just lose muscle control,
but at least did not fall or hurt myself.
Not being able to move through all this freaks me out,
I think what if the bird swoops at me,
not a thing I can do about it.
So tonight was actually a calm evening,
we barbecued outside and watched a bit of  T.V.
we have one more day together before he starts his week on call again,
so will go and do something.
I gotta get back to bed.
Hopefully you all have a wonderful day.
I am going to try and have my Best Day ever.
take care,


  1. One time I had a whole family of flycatchers come into my home!! Now that was funny. All babies and boy did they make a mess. I too left the door open and all they did was cry for their mama. Finally, she flew into my house and told them to come out. Which they did, one birdie at a time. My grandkids loved this happening. We all laughed and laughed. Especially as they pooped all over the place...yuck! What a mess! And did I mention they were flycatchers?? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
    Enjoy each other and have a great week!!

  2. I've never seen this movie...but I sure will try to get it. I only know of this condition through you so thanks for raising our consciousness.

    Enjoy your day. one love.

  3. What with magpies and your cat's guest, this seems to be shaping up as "the summer of the birds."

  4. oh my...we had a crazy bird get in once...we have cathedral ceilings in our living room and could not get him out so finally we just eft the door open and he left eventually...glad yesterday was more relaxing...smiles.

  5. Cinner! Stopped by to tell you I love you!

  6. Cinner,
    Thank you for your comforting words at Holly's blog.


  7. Hi Cinner, we are having beautiful weather aren't we, we have had a couple of thunder/lightening storms late evening which haven't even lasted that love the sunshine.
    I didn't see the movie Sat. wish I had now but I had company over.
    Enjoy your day sweetie......:-) Hugs

  8. Oh, how wonderful about the must have been so validating for you!!! I'm so thrilled that more will be aware now! You are such a beautiful lady...please do take care! You are much in my thoughts! Love, Janine XO

  9. I think you did have the best day ever. Well, another one in a long line of them. Yes?

  10. Relyn, I think I have had a few in a row, the weather has been so beautiful, flowers are just starting to bloom, it was nice,so definately yes.
    School should be coming to an end soon, Do you so enjoy your summers.

    Janine, I was amazed with the movie, I think some of it portrayed it pretty good. To me it was just so startling to see a movie about it. So you are right it did validate it for me. A new drug had been sabatoged. There are different extents of cataplexy, I would have been falling alot more, and I would not have been able to run and stay awake. I was just so glad that some awareness has been made. think of you often hugs.

    Bernie, company is always nice, had some over this evening too. Did you get all your flowers yet. I was going to go look for more, but I have decided I have enough, although is there ever enough. lol. keep enjoying the weather, it is here all week.

    Sema, your welcome, it is so hard losing someone you love so much. take care, I will visit soon, hugs.

    Holly that is nice, I love you too. It is so nice when you pop by, how are things going...I gotta clean my washer and dryer. I have been thinking about it ever since I read your post.Hugs

  11. Brian, I think that is the best way to do it, they will get out eventually. Hope you had a good Fathers Day, take care.

    Debra, hopefully things settle down now, I live in an older area, but there sure have been lots of them here. I hope you have been enjoying some of the gorgeous weather. take care. hugs.

    Se'Lah, I am so glad that there is some awareness about it. When I was diagnosed, most nurses and doctors I encounter did not know about it. some take up to 2o years. It can be very scary. It was a Canadian movie, I looked to see if I could find any information about it on line and I could not. If I get it downloaded I will send a copy to you. Thanks for your interest. one love my friend. Be well.

    SueAnn, I enjoyed your story, the granchildren would have love it...I have to say I have never heard of a flycatcher. will have to look it up. hope you are well. will be by to visit very soon. take care. hugs


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