Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When you see a color does it speak to you,
can you feel it right to your core,
when you touch it does it soothe you.
or do you end up aching more.
Today I looked at this color
and I could see my Dads eyes.
I could remember the waters running in a field,
I remember my blue bathing suit when I was three or four,
I remember how your big strong hands
reached into the water and pulled me out,
I can feel the water running down my face
as I was gasping for air,
I remember you smiling .....
Today I can see you so clear.
If a color makes me remember so many things.
I wonder if there is a color that can make me remember sound.
Why can I see you so clearly,
but yet I am deaf to your voice.
Are you there?
The silence is overwhelming.
So for now I will look at colors and remember what I may,
Maybe someday I will hear your voice echoing in the wind,
And this time I will listen
Until next time,


  1. Colors do speak to us...and heal us. Blue is calming and soothing (but too much can be depressing). I could actually use some blue quickly followed by orange or yellow to give me some vitality.

  2. You write so well, Cindy....
    Hugs to you from Jackie

  3. This was so beautiful! I could see your dads hands picking you out of the water!

  4. Hmmmm.. I think natural in nature speak to me. I love fresh greens and deep purples. Waving grain in fields and aspen leaves fluttering in the wind. I think the colors of Fall speak to me the loudest of all..they bring such wonderful memories of my childhood ...I love the Fall!! Wonderful post hon...
    Hugs and love, Sarah

    Could I ask you a question hon...I used the designer to change my blog too and added the new "pages" did you add more than one..I am stumped!!! Thanks hon:)

  5. Sarah I sent you an email, you go into new post, then edit pages, then new page do what you need to and then publish, you can add up to ten different pages. good luck, I hope this helps. Be well.

  6. I love coming by your place Cinner. Always. :0)

  7. What a beautiful post, Cinner! What beautiful blue eyes he had. I can see the water running off of your face and hair. Wonderful imagery!!

  8. wonderful post...funny how the little things can bring back so much...he is there...smiles.

  9. so true I to feel this. I even can see the words yet fail to hear the voice I so desperately want to hear. The voice that would make me smile and feel safe.

  10. Beautiful writing Cinner!


  11. Love you, Cinner...

    For me, the blue eyes belonged to my granddaddy, and I miss him too.

    It's Father's Day weekend, they are all with us.

  12. This color surely speaks to me. It is a beautiful vibrant color. Wow.

  13. those words - of your dad reaching out to save you - gave me a shiver. You are meant to be here.
    such a lovely tribute to him


  14. Shona , thank you. I sure do miss him this year, I do have lots of memories.thanks so much for commenting.

    TechnoBabe, today with a new perspective I think my favorite is yellow, more uplifting and positive. your a dear.

    Cam, your granddaddy, the more I remember him the more I remember my father. You are right though they are all here with us. Memories can not be taken away.

    Wanda, hope you are well, can't wait for the next walk through your property. take care.

    Liss I so hear you, this must be a part of the grief process, but yes I understand that feeling of wanting to be safe. love to you my friend. we will get through this..hugs to you.

    Brian, it really is, the smallest of things that I did not use to notice...maybe I took everything for granted. but he is there. smiles to you too.

    SueAnn, I was just little and was floating in the water and then I panicked and thought I could not swim and he pulled me out. I still remember, he was my hero he had saved me.

    Sarah I got your email this am, glad you got it. I can see that your a fall person, that is why your so ahead of the game I think. hugs to you. glad everything is going so well. take care.

    Gayle, that was many years ago, funny what we remember. and I guess what we don't. I hope you are well and having a wonderful time. I do think of you often. hugs.

    Jackie, every time you say I write well, I think of my high school English teacher, and how she would lecture me about run on sentences, I think this is another one. thanks for your kindness. take care, hope you are well. hugs.

  15. ED, I am glad you like to come and visit, it means a lot that you take the time. I don't know how you keep up with all your followers. you must be a speed typist, or you have trained Max to do it. lol. be well.

    Caroline, oh yes give me some orange and yellow. The weather was nice, but cloudy all day...I just need the sun. I was very proud of you with your post today. take care.

  16. your writing just drew us all in, today....
    memories are such a good thing, even if they make us a bit just means we lived....

  17. Beth, yes and that sure beats the alternative. I loved your post today. very uplifting.

  18. He is whispering to you in the wind, through the sounds of raindrops and the warm beams of sunlight. Hugs sent your way.

  19. SE'LAH thank you for the beautiful comment. It made me tear up. your a love. Hugs.


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