Friday, July 2, 2010

Bright, Bright, Bright, Bright Sunny Days!

I don't know about you but the color yellow 
makes me feel happy and alive.
I have two days alone with my husband,
we are going to drink coffee on our patio,
work in the yard, walk on freshly cut grass and laugh at our green feet,
we will laugh at our dog as he rolls in the grass and turns green too.
We are going to relax in our chairs, hold hands, and just enjoy the day.
We are going to wear flip flops, bright colored Barbados shirts,
and act like we are on a holiday, why because that is what we do
if we can not afford to vacation, we are lucky, we have a yard for that,
So although we do not get to see a lot of the world,
we get to enjoy what we have,
and I would not want my life to be any other way.
It is a great feeling to be content with another.
I have learned that since I became ill a few years back,
what you sometimes see as the greatest of hurdles to cross,
with a little time can be viewed as a blessing!
At least that is what I choose to believe.
I hope all of you in the United States
has a great 4th of July celebration.
I wish you all the Brightest of Days.


  1. I love the way your blog looks!! I love yellow but not one me. My dads favorite flower was the sunflower!

  2. i love the color yellow...we used to have a yellow fresh and exciting...great pic...and i hope you have an amazing weekend as well!

  3. Yellow makes me happy too!! Love the sunflower pic! Sounds like a wonderful time you and your sweet husband will have. 'Tis good to be able to enjoy one another.
    Our good friends are taking us out tonight to celebrate my sweet!
    We are planning a quiet holiday weekend! Maybe go to the cinema!!
    You enjoy dearest one.

  4. I can picture the two of you in your back yard enjoying your coffee and holding hands. That is a great visual. Thank you for the birthday wishes to the USA. Hope your Canada Day was awesome too.

  5. i love your positive messages - they make me so happy. i do think of yellow when I think of you.

  6. Love, love, love sunflowers! Such pretty faces! My DH, Kim and I also enjoy our garden doing bbq, playing, reading, etc. when we can't afford to go on vacation... and we always have the best time together!

  7. I'm a little late, but as I was thinking of our Fourth, I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Canada Day!

  8. it's looking bright and beautiful here Cinner, which of course is a direct reflection of you :)

    x robyn

  9. Thanks for the great reminder to laugh. TechnoBabe and I often become incapacitated by laughter, unable to do anything but emit various sounds which make us laugh harder. Great idea for a local holiday, and the price is right!


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