Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come sit on a Park Bench

a grand Saturday morning to you all,
Come and sit on my hot pink bench,
and we will have a chit chat,
I have mixed berry smoothies made
as it is going to be another hot one.
The glasses were chilled,
they are going to be oh so tasty,
My camera is on the fritz so you will just have to take my word for it.
A while back we went to one of the parks in the city,
We were there to spend a few hours,
needed a change of scenery,
so we watched the birds in the water,
ducks and seagulls fighting over
their water findings,
making rather loud screeching noises,
I enjoyed it.
After a while we decided to go for a walk.
sure lots of things to check out.
I could take my time and make it from one bench to another,so it sounded like a good plan. 
and we came along this lovely pair of Canada Geese,
are they not the cutest pair,
sitting on the hill, resting,
basqing in the sun,
and because I am a romantic,Well they must be in love. 
Not all of a sudden they were up and running,
yes straight towards me,
I wanted to scream Crazed Geese on the loose,
But what Did I do instead,
I yelled Get the truck, Get the truck.
I am a short round woman with legs shorter than theres,
I was running as fast as I could go,
I looked over my shoulder,
oh they were gaining on me,
As I was running I was thinking,
ah, my goose is cooked,
They were gaining, gaining,
and I jumped up on the park picnic table,
praying, keep going, keep going,
There is a God,
because they continued,
and I saw ahead a few kids
holding a bag of bread crumbs,
yeah for the dried stale bread,
My husband was not far away with the truck.
so I walked over and we had a laugh,
I told him I thought I was gonna be a gonner.
I have seen how protective they can be of their young. and I know they can be mean,Well I fixed this last one.
I said as I got close to this one,
you run at me again,
might just put you in my roasting pan.
Well that goose took on out of there as 
fast as the Road Runner.,
and I thought to myself Beep, Beep,
oh it was Hubby, time to go.
For the record no animals or humans were injured in the taking of these 
photos.  Note to self bring bread crumbs just in case.
Hey do you want another smoothie,
Yes, me too,
then I got to paint the other bench,
and touch up my back door
which is the same color..
So I will be around sometime next week,
hopefully with a new camera and new photos by then.
Enjoy your weekend,
may you run into nothing but happiness.
Have your Best Weekend ever! 


  1. Ack! Goose attack!! Glad it was averted! Ha! Those smoothies sound wonderful. I think I will sit awhile and chat. So glad I stopped by! Loving the changes in design of your blog. Such fun!!
    Have a great one

  2. haha. thatnks for the smoothie...i will take berries over chocolate anyday...i will admit i got a good snicker out of the geese chasing you...would have been fun to see. we like to feed the geese at the park...hope you have agreat saturday.


  3. So funny picturing in my mind you running from the geese and getting on the picnic table. There is never a dull day around you is there? Even your bench is hot. Hot pink huh.

  4. You chose a great color for the benches, Cinner and did a great job painting them!

  5. Hahahahaha, those buggers can move fast when they want to!

  6. Oh I love that bench, great color. Enjoyed all your pictures........:-) big hugs

  7. Hey, cool hot pink bench... I will just book the flight :)

  8. lol, we were chased by the swans once like that :-) and by a huge Canadian squirrel in Montreal once ... lol I was starting to freak out, she was huge and looked pretty upset ... I didn't know that I had to pay a 'fee' to them (nuts) when visiting that beautiful park, oh my! :-)


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