Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's okay to be Cracked!

Not far away from where I sip my morning coffee,
sits a fairy reading her book,
When I first saw her sitting on a shelf in a store,
I knew immediately I wanted her.
On the other side there is a big broken piece that is cracked,
the ticket said final sale
to me she was perfect,
to others she was broken,
pieces missing,
I did not care I knew I would just have her face the other way.
So some mornings as I sip my coffee,
I glance over her way,
and it is as if we share a secret 
knowing that we are not perfect.,
but that in our imperfections,
we can still just be,
and still be whole.
Some days it would be nice if someone
would just turn me in a different direction,
No matter which way I face,
north, south, east or west,
I will face every day
and make it my Very Best!
Take care
Be well.


  1. I love your fairy and it looks like you found a perfect spot for her. No one is perfect cinner, we all have burdens to carry and I believe it is our attitude that makes our burdens a bit lighter that and reading a good book like your fairy is doing.....:-) Hugs

  2. And you face your days well hun!! You always make me smile!! And your book reading fairy is beautiful; as are you!!
    Let's face it...we are all cracked in some fashion!! Some visible...some not!

  3. Perfect example of making the best of any imperfect situation...even a little cracked Angel, most would pass by. Glad you have her Cinner and I loved your post. Things or People do not need to be perfect!

  4. loved this one cinner...we all have our imperfections...the real love comes in when we can appreciate them...i think she is marvelous...smiles.

  5. great post, Cinner. I so enjoy the rhythm of your writing and the content is always touching. Sending you a big HUG...with pixie dust. ;)

    one love.

  6. Oh I do love this fairy, even more so because she has a few scars and impairments, just like we all do. You and I see things like this the same. This is a wonderful picture of the lovely fairy reading a book which is another reason to love her.

  7. Such a beautiful reminder Cinner. No one is fact, I think our imperfections make us more interesting!!! xoxo

  8. Wow I love this! When I buy something I am looking it over and over making sure it is perfect!! Now that I think about......I shouldn't be that way.......after all I am def. not perfect!!

  9. A beautiful and very touching post. I love it! Thanks for the reminder too. I wonder how much I would be "marked down" if I were for sale.....admiting my flaws and faults.


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