Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Today, Then When?

I should be doing so many things today,
but I am not,
We had 5 thunderstorms yesterday,
and I am sure more to follow today,
my yard is overgrown,
my house is upside down with projects I have not finished,
and I am okay with it all,
My niece, her beau, and beaus brother are coming tomorrow,
they are coming to see us not our chaos right,
so because I feel like it,
I am off to have a bubble bath,
and to sip a banana mudslide,
to die for,
have some Bob Marley on,
Yesterday I drew the above picture on the computer,
and I might do some more today.
Oh it is nice to have no plans, no worries, not a care in the world.
For now,
I will probably be running around like some crazed  woman later,
but for now
with tunes blaring,
No women, no Cry,
No woman, no cry.
Love these lazy days of summer,
Hubby is out grocery shopping,
I think I owe him one.
Have a great weekend.


  1. wow. you got the major relax going bath, mudslide and bob marley i may have to try that...good for you. smiles.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Mud slides...yummy! Love your computer fresh!!!
    Glad you are enjoying your day...and kudos to your hubby for shopping!

  3. Wow Cinner that is great painting on the computer i am yet to try that. I am with you enjoy the relaxation time sounds good a bubble bath and a mudslide oh yeah. I cannot post on your other blog so I will say here the flowers are gorgeous. Have a great weekend girl

  4. You've really got computer painting down good, Cinner. If I could do that, it would be addictive. It's lovely!

  5. So love the computer painting, you wouldn't believe what my pictures come out like.....sure don't look like yours.
    Those thunder storms were something else weren't they, so far so good today, it is registering 40 on my back deck right it..........:-) Hugs

  6. I love your picture!! How in the world did you do that??

  7. I love this picture Cinner. First I visited the latest one with the flowers, I do like this one better but not because you did a better job ;-) but because I love rivers, mountains, forests, sky ... you for sure know how to have a great time :-) hugs

  8. great drawing!! love that you are taking time for you! hope you had a beautiful day


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