Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poppies, Dogs, and the sun.

Poppies Abundant in my yard,
Fighting to hang on as nightly they are blown and whipped around
and rained upon the ground,
Somehow in the morning, things turn around,
the sun comes up they stretch again
to say hello to the sun.
Maybe because of our heavy rains
is the reason why they wrap their petals all around them,
protecting themselves from the elements.
Tonight I listen to the fireworks,
and lay my hand on my dogs head,
I tell him he is okay,
but no he growls and barks,
I try to protect him from the elements.
Tonight he will sleep by our bed,
feeling protected and safe,
and in the morning, things turn around,
he will go outside, forgetting the noise
the sun comes up, he stretches again,
to say hello to the sun.


  1. Hello my friend, thought about calling you tonight as for a while I lost everything but my post on my blog, the old heart skipped a beat I'll tell you. Anyway I am back to leaving it alone for awhile.....
    I know what you mean about the heavy rains, my power has gone out many times this past week, I have spent the first part of my day resetting clocks. My poor flowers and plants are really taking a beating but I am enjoying our weather.
    Love your poppies. Have a great Sunday...Hugs

  2. I love fireworks but I dislike what they do to our furbabies! It really gets to them.
    Your poppy pic is splendid Cinner!! I love the ethereal effect it has.
    Enjoy the rains...we have been getting them too and it has been so needed!

  3. Fireworks are disconcerting and even for me they jolt my nerves. The couple weeks before Fourth of July here people in our neighborhood fire off the noisy bomb thingys and I jump off the couch. Just a couple streets up is the next county and fireworks are not allowed in that county like here, but I like everything else about this county so I am blessed to live here. Your flowers look so pretty. Interesting how they protect themselves from the elements so they can make you happy in your yard. Hugs to you, have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. very pretty flowers...hope you got some sleepwith him there...and hopefully the firewoorks cooled off just a bit...

  5. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  6. sometimes i wish i had the dogs or cats life where changing my mood was so simple.

    beautiful write

  7. Beautiful flower!! Have a great week!

  8. oh i havent seen fireworks for a long time. have a lovely day.

  9. Kamana, oh I love fireworks, in Calgary they have a fireworks competition every year, different countries from all around the world compete. both my sisters live there, they say it is just beautiful. someday I will go see. today is a holiday here so I have a long weekend with my hubby which I am enjoying, him not so much, we are putting in a fence...he Have a great week.

    Gayle, thanks, it was my favorite of all this year. have a great week. today is a holiday here which is nice. take care.

    Char, yes me too sometimes, the commercial with the dog that is being pampered in the bubble bath. that would be good. life is simple for sure. take care, i hope you hire the assistant soon. hugs.

    Joven, I will stop by and have a visit, thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. have a great week,,

    Brian, I think tonight is the last night for the fireworks for a while at least. I will miss them, but I won't miss my dog waking me up. have a great week. i will be by to visit more once the boys leave.

    TechnoBabe, oh I can understand you feeling that way. I am glad you like where you are living, and the fireworks don't happen that often do they. have a great week. it is a holiday here, so hubby is home, he has been putting a front fence in with the boys. have a great week, I will visit when I can, the boys might stay another week. will see, tired today,,,maybe I am just not awake yet. take care. hugs.

    SueAnn, they do create havoc I think with most dogs. My poppy picture is just from a new camera
    which I am not the most thrilled with but the box and reciept have disappeared. I can't get as closeup as I like, but at least I can still take some pictures. take care........the rains are like clockwork. glad you are getting some. how are your tomato plants. lol. hugs.

    Bernie, lord love a duck I can just see you, these computers are enough to add years to our life or at least be reason enough to fly into rages of profanity...but we are ladies....take a break. my nephew has been showing me some things and I keep saying now slow down you are going to fast, so then I think I HAVE learnt it, and I come back and stare blanky into the screen thinking...okay now what. Have a great holiday Monday. Hubby has been putting in a front fence, we did the sides a couple years ago so he has been working on that. it is so muggy, but we will get it is kinda like working on a can only look at a post for so long and if it is not level well it is what it is. he looks from every angle and I think Lord just screw the board in...funny Bernie, some couples can work so well together, but things like this...oh my we are a funny couple....I am get at a job and get it done. If he could this would drag on for months....I bite my tongue because I can hardly help him, so I just sit back and pray. have a great day. hope you enjoy this weather. hugs my friend.

  10. You said it so graciously, Cinner. I'm working on art with poppies at the moment... love their cheery faces!
    Thanks you also for the wonderful words to me! Oh, I do feel blessed by this amazing caring community!
    Here is the link you asked for:

  11. i just wrote on my list, that i never photographed poppies. you inspire me, with this beautiful photo.

  12. Oh Christina, I bought just a cheap point and shoot after I broke my other one. and This makes me feel better about having it. I hope you get a chance to take photos of them. I just throw the seeds in the ground. I must have 500 this year. some look great some don't but they are beautiful.
    It is amazing how we can start something from a seed and then watch it if only I could do that with a vegetable garden. I am so glad you dropped by. the boys leave the end of the week so I will get a chance to come and visit. until then Hugs.

    Monica, I was so excited for you, because you put so much effort into The White Bench, so was just thrilled for you. I will check out that link thank you for that. I too feel blessed for this community. Be well my friend. A hug to Kim too. hugs, nothing but Happy days ahead. take care.

  13. i would love a yard of poppies....

    and poor little love scared by the noise....i bet he was thrilled for a new day to come....

  14. Beth, Monday night was the last night, but they went on for ten days during our capital ex fair, better known as Klondyke Days. But yes he is fine now. sorry I have not been around much, I don't know how people find the time. these nephews are keeping me so busy. take care, hope you are well, hugs.

  15. hi Cinner ..i am happy to be by for a visit..the bloom is exquisite , you are so sweet to your pup, mine scares at the noise as well!

    I love your redesign on your blog...back soon!!


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