Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Put some thought into it.

Here is a photo of one of my tatoos,
the camera does not pick it up very well,
it is still quite bright but remember it has faded a lot over time.
Twenty years this one is the butterfly, rose, rainbow one.
This is my first tatoo I had gotten,
my ex had matching birds on his chest
which he let me do,
I was quite impressed with it,
but never did another one,
Lots of times I would do the drawings for clients,
my favorite was a wolf that changed into a man.
My third tattoo I do not have a picture of it,
It is a geisha lady going over a bridge,
It is about half finished because it is on my back,
and it hurt,
and then I became alergic to the red ink,
so every time I go in the sun it raises a bit,
After we got divorced I just never had the interest to have it finished.
That phase had passed for me.
I would really recommend to anyone getting them
to make sure they really give it some thought,
and to make sure they go to a reputable tatooist
that follows all health guidelines.
I would also not recommend getting a tattoo
on your face, neck or hands,
as you can easily be stereotyped,
although it is much more common today than it was when I had mine done,
especially on the lower back.
Some doctors will not do a spinal anymore
during childbirth because of the ink
and the risk of it getting into the blood stream.
so anyway I had promised some pictures.
words of advise,,,,don't get a tattoo because you like the tattooist,
and most tatooists will not tattoo a name.
Because life is too unpredictable,
name changes don't usually turn out to good on skin,
strange thing is sometimes no matter if good or bad,
you can be left with an imprint on your heart,
scars and tattoos usually fade after time.
so there you have it.
Now you know.
Have a great day,
take care,


  1. Cool tats, Cinner -
    Hey, the comments aren't working over on your other blog....
    Just thought you might like to know.

    Cool watermelon over there.....let's go have some!

  2. ha. i like yours...i almost got one once...i still might one day...maybe...

  3. Those are really nice. I love butterflies. xx

  4. Beautiful tats!!! Mine is around my ankle and I still love it!! I have been pondering getting another on the other ankle.
    Yes some tattoos are on the heart and never go away.
    Hugging you

  5. I like that you have tattoos and you have good advice for people considering getting one. I have one and am very happy with it. The wolf changing to a man sounds like a great piece of art. Of course I know you are a good artist so the guy who got that one was lucky you did it.

  6. Some good advice here Cindy. Spoken from someone who knows!
    Have a great day!

  7. Oh cool tats Cinner!! I have given some thought to a tiny one on my arm..maybe a square inch or so..just for me for my 50th birthday. I just can't seem to convince shall see! made me cry..thank you for your sweet words this morning..I so needed the hug! Thank you hon! I would give my left arm to have you nearby sit and chat and have tea!! Do you know how much I admire you hon?? Cause I do!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  8. i will echo knowing you can live with it. after 10 years, i now really dislike mine

  9. I got my first just a few days after turning eighteen...and didn't get another until twelve years later when my sister and I got the three little birds together. It was just after her diagnosis, and I figured that since we shared the same scars on the inside, we should honor them on the outside. That is a reason I will never regret. I think everyone should have a spiritual, or very inspirational, reason to get a tattoo.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of yours...I do love some birds!! And, your advice is very practical. I don't think that people are realizing what they are doing will be with them the rest of their lives, and someday Grandma will have to explain why she has someone other than Grandpa's name tattooed on her heiney. haha!

  10. Very nice! My oldest son came home from college with a HUGH cross on his back. He powerlifts and wanted to show his faith he said. What could I say to that?! :-)
    I Love you bio and positive attitude! So glad I found you to follow! :-)
    Hugs & Blessings,

  11. Cpreen, yes exactly what could you say. I know my parents were furious for about a week. lol. I stopped by your blog and became a follower. Very interested in coming back and reading more posts.
    have a wonderful weekend. Glad our paths have crossed. take care.

  12. Cam, I agree with the sentimental and your sister getting the same one I think is fabulous. And my one niece always says I will be in an old folks home and by then nobody will know what the tats will be of anyway. then she laughs.Thanks for sharing your story. I like your new profile pic. have a fabulous weekend. take care.hugs.

  13. Oh Char, I think we go through phases in our lifes and sometimes our attitudes yes I know what you mean chickadee. have a wonderful weekend. take care.

  14. Sarah,I know you have been talking about it, I think you should do it, I am trying to psych myself to go skydiving when I turn 50. I would need someone to pull the cord in case I have a Cataplexy spell. I meant every word my friend, I just want you to be as sure of you as I am of you.
    and I don't say this often but anyone that does not agree, well they must be out of their minds.
    I put your cards in a frame knowing that I would not be able to give them away, that is how much I love what you do. and i smile everyday at my dragon whom reminds me to have fun. hugs to you.
    Have a great weekend, appreciation comes in all forms. hugs.

  15. Cora, thanks and yes I do know, I think sometime tattoos are romanticized and I believe more knowledge is needed. have a great weekend Cora, hope you are well. by to see you soon, think of you often my southern belle. hugs.

  16. TechnoBabe, oh I am glad you like yours. The fellow that got that tattoo was one of my husbands best friends. He was a trucker and had been paralyzed. He had movement from the waist up, he was a very unique individual. We really really loved him, I know he stays in touch with my ex still. I found when we divorced some friends took sides which really was ridiculous, some with him and some with me....that was a strange feeling. Our friend will always have a special place in my heart....always. have a great weekend, and thankyou for your nice comments about my art that means a lot to me. hugs.

  17. SueAnn, pondering another, all the talk of tatoos, I am thinking maybe I need a new one for this phase in my not. A big hug to you my friend, may your weekend be a fun one and creative, I can not picture you otherwise. lol. take care. hugs.

  18. Sara, I love butterflies too, there were 3 in my yard today, all playing together. I just sat back watching. Nice to hear from you. was it really hot there today too. so muggy and so many mosquitos in the last two days. take care Sara, have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Brian, you make me laugh, not quite sure are you. well I would tell you make sure you give it alot of Maybe the time will be right one day. thanks for all your comments Brian, I really appreciate them.

  20. Anne H, They seem to be working now, I think blogger is a little wonkers lately, things work, then don't work, or maybe it is the operator which would be me...oh the possibilities are endless.
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you get a chance to do something fun. your doing awesome btw. hugs.

  21. Excellent advice!! At the beach last weekend my girl friend and I each got a henna tatoo. Mine didn't take the first time so I went back and it still didn't take. I was so disappointed!!

  22. Gayle that is too bad, I would have been disappointed too. I like the henna, they do such intricate work. Have a fabulous weekend my friend.
    BTW, I think you are just the perfect grandma...hugs.


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